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Keeping Fit…At Work

  • August 2, 2012
  • By Brittany
Keeping Fit…At Work

So one of the major challenges I have in balancing my life is trying to squeeze workouts into my very busy day.  As a lawyer, I am often required to work long hours and it can be challenging to force myself to stay healthy and active when I mostly just feel fatigued and cranky!  So here are a few tips on keeping fit while at work!

First of all, if I want to get in a good workout, I normally have to do it in the morning.  While this is not a hard and fast rule, I do find that I am more likely to force myself to workout if I do it first thing.  After work it is late, I’m tired, I’m hungry and there is usually something on TV I want to watch.  Although getting up can often be painful, if you get into a routine, it ain’t so bad!  Plus, I guarantee you will feel so much better about yourself the rest of the day!

The only problem with cramming my workouts into an already rushed morning is that I often don’t get to do my full routine or I feel like maybe I could have pushed myself a little harder.  Also, I sometimes have to skip the a.m. sweat session to make it to a meeting or court appearance. Thus (cue dramatic music), I must workout while at work!

I know what you are thinking-But, FitBritt-how on EARTH can I work out while at work!?!


Well, I am here to tell you, it is simple my friends.  First of all, let go of the notion that you are going to have a major sweat session.  Unless you work close by to your gym and can sneak off at lunch or in the afternoon to really do a hardcore workout and then shower afterwards, you’ll have to realize that you are only going to get in a bit of energy bursts here and there.  BUT, don’t get me wrong, anything is better than nothing and if you incorporate these skills on a regular basis, I promise you it will not be in vain.

1.)    First, I am a big proponent of walking.  I call NYC home so for me, walking is a part of life.  On a typical day I walk to and from the subway just as part of my commute.  But I also try to get in a short walk at lunch. In the summer when it is nice, I will walk to a local park to eat it.  The benefits are many: 1) I get in a little bit of exercise; 2) I get outside and away from the office; and 3.) I get to rest and relax my brain for a short time. Even if it is not that nice out and I don’t want to eat outside, I’ll at least try to go for a walk around the block for about 15 minutes or I try to run out and do a few errands that require me walking to various shops in the area.

2.)    Stretch!  I’ve read numerous articles on the harms caused by sitting at your desk all day and staring at a computer screen.  So I try to incorporate a little bit of stretching into my daily office routine.  I find the best stretches are for my hands, back and eyes (I know eyes seem weird but they get tired staring at a screen all day).  I found a good post on Urban Girl Squad’s website that provides offices stretches for the workaholic! Also, I gave ActiveStretch a try for two weeks.  It is a program that gives you different stretches to do twice daily for about five minutes.  I enjoyed the regimented stretching when I tried the program but I didn’t end up purchasing the subscription.  I had too many computer glitches and I felt that I could do the stretches on my own without a prompt.

3.)    Use office furniture.  O.k. if you work in an open plan office, this one may not be for you but I will shut my office door and do tricep dips on my desk chair or pushups against my desk.  I also stand and do some heel raises to work the calves.  I find these short bursts invigorating and a nice mental break.

4.)    Move about the office.  I try to get up to go talk to people rather than buzz them on the intercom.  When I need to go to the kitchen or the bathroom, I try to do a little detour around the office to give my legs a little bit of extra time to stretch out.  Also, I sometimes force myself to stand when speaking with my colleagues rather than take a seat.

Readers, how do you keep fit during the work day?

By Brittany, August 2, 2012
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