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Tips for a Seriously Stressed Bride and Her Very Lovely (But Cash-Strapped) Bridesmaids

  • August 16, 2012
  • By Brittany
Tips for a Seriously Stressed Bride and Her Very Lovely (But Cash-Strapped) Bridesmaids

Hey y’all!  (O.k. I’m not southern at all but for some reason I was just in the mood to throw that one out there!).  Has anybody else been experiencing extremely aggressive thunder and lightening storms lately?  I love the summer but I hate it when gorgeous evenings turn sinister and clouds darker than midnight roll over the city.  Eeek!

Anywho, on a lighter note . . .I recently revealed that one of my 30 Under 30 has been completed!  That’s right folks-Pete and I tied the knot just a few short months ago!  As any of you brides would know, finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses can be daunting.  Personally, that was far more difficult for me than finding my own wedding gown!  Then you have force all your wonderful, gracious bridesmaids to spend money and buy a dress you picked for them!

I have to say, all three of my bridesmaids (which coincidentally are my three sister-in-laws) were totally cool with the fuchsia dresses I chose!  I mean personally I would wear a hot pink dress in a hot minute but not everyone has quite the crazy love for pink that I do!

While I absolutely adored Aria, the place where I got the dresses from for my maids, I’m pretty sure that if I had said to them for a less expensive amount you can rent your dresses, they all pretty much would have jumped at the chance (I mean they flew to Hawaii for the wedding-how much more can I ask of them!).

Enter Little Borrowed Dress.  This site is fantastic!  You can rent a bridesmaid dress for the day of the wedding!  First you pick a dress that is the color and style you want (you can order a free swatch if you want to test it out- I did this and highly recommend it).  Then you choose a size-NYC ladies can visit their showroom, otherwise you get two complimentary sizes when you rent (in case one doesn’t fit).  Then, voila, dress arrive and you are ready for your big day-O.k your big day as a backup to the real diva of the day, the Bride, but tomato tomahto.


The prices are sooo reasonable!  They range from $50-75 to rent AND you can even buy the dresses if you are so inclined.  To buy the dresses range from $150-$185.  Now I’ve seen dresses go for way more than that so this is a good deal.  The only drawback is if you want a fabric other than chiffon.  While I have not been to the NYC showroom so I can’t tell you if they have other fabrics there, the online site only seems to offer chiffon.  As someone who did not go with chiffon, lil’ bit of a downside.  But still, the dresses are gorg! So for all you seriously stressed brides or cash-strapped bridesmaids, give this place a try!  Such a cool idea!


Hey readers!  Check back soon for my tips on getting fit for the big day! Ciao!

By Brittany, August 16, 2012
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