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Cooking Class-Italy Al Fresco!

  • August 17, 2012
  • By Brittany
Cooking Class-Italy Al Fresco!


Ahhhh just the name of this post makes me relax and think about the good life!  So on my list of 30 Under 30 number 19 is to take a cooking class.  So this week, I checked another goal off my list (and just in time too-my “half birthday” is tomorrow which means, gulp, only six months left!).  Pete and I headed for Hell’s Kitchen to Sur La Table to learn how to cook Italian Al Fresco!

So of course I know what your next question will be-what’d you make?  Well, in keeping with the light theme of this website and with wanting to stay on the lighter side of cooking for the summer, we made Summer Greens Salad with White Balsamic Vinaigrette and Crispy Prosciutto – Grilled Sea Bass with Orange Gremolata – Goat Cheese Risotto with Green Onions and Lemon Zest – Vanilla Panna Cotta with Lime Syrup.

We started out with the Risotto.


Oh man was it delicious!  We started out by sauteing some leeks and garlic in EVOO. We then reduced some white wine, added the rice and did the traditional add hot broth to the rice.  We then topped it off with some salt, lemon juice, lemon zest, goat cheese, parmesan and green onion.


We had a little competition going over who had the best risotto in the class.  My “team” didn’t win but I so don’t care because it was amazing!  Plus we topped it off with some of the best olive oil I have ever tasted  We even bought some to bring home with us!


Mmmm.  It was lemony, creamy and decadent tasting!  More please!

Next we moved on to some serious cooking!  We made a simple syrup for the panna cotta.


We also made a simple vinaigrette for our salad and the gremolata for the fish.


We were so diligent-grating our citrus and chopping our herbs!


After a short break, during which time our sous chefs cleaned up (I KNOW!) and prepped for the next steps, we were back in the kitchen.


We started chopping our green beans.  Check out Pete’s chopping skills-AMAZING!


I volunteered to man the stove and crisp the prosciutto!


It was then time to prep the sea bass.  Check out these babies!  Sooooo good!


We actually pressed the gremolata into the fish, which gave it much of its flavor.


It was then time to get down to the serious cooking!  Obviously Pete and I took it very seriously and were slaving away . . .riiiiight.


Before long, we were ready to chow down!


Oh man it was so good!  The green beans were my favorite!  They were crunchy and yummy.  The fish was light, citrusy and zesty.  The salad was sharp and soft at the same time and everything just melted in your mouth!


And of course we all saved room for our panna cotta for dessert!  Oh man!  It was such an awesome night!  Pete and I had a great time and I totally want to go back and try another class.  I also want to give the recipes a go at home.  If you haven’t tried a cooking class yet, check them out at Sur La Table.  They offer really terrific clases!

By Brittany, August 17, 2012
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