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Adventure on the River

  • August 21, 2012
  • By Brittany
Adventure on the River

Hey all you fitness fanatics!  Does anyone else feel like the summer is going by WAY TOO FAST!?!?!  I think I might cry if I see another back to school commercial and I don’t even have to go back to school!  Anyway, in an attempt to grab summer by the horns and make the most, Pete and I decided to try something new and brave the wild outdoors (and I don’t mean Central Park).  We headed out of the city with Living Social Adventures to the Lehigh River Gorge for some whitewater rafting.  Yes, you heard me, another check on that 30 Under 30 list!  Number two-check!

After a short two hour drive from NYC, we landed in the middle of beautiful PA country.  The fresh air, the sun, the grass, the trees!  It was such a beautiful day, I could have just laid out lazily in the sun.  But instead, we collected our life vests from our hosts, Whitewater Challengers, and were transported to the river we would be rafting down.

After picking our boats and meeting our new boat-mates, we headed onto the water for some rapids and fun!

Out experienced guides expertly navigated us down the river leading us through some basic rapids and some lazy river floats.  Just as we thought we had the hang of this whitewater rafting thing, we got into the real stuff!

All of a sudden we were dodging multiple rocks and hurtling towards advanced whitewater rafting with long, quick rapids!  (Don’t be fooled by these photos!  There was too much action going on to get good photos during the actual rapids!)  We got the adrenaline pumping flying through foamy whitewater!

And let me tell ya, I quickly discovered that you can take the girl outta New York but you can’t take the New Yorker outta the girl!  And I know I was not alone in this sentiment in my boat!  All six of us became super competitive and forced our way to the front of the line.  We even got to try out some super cool tricks (hello circle paddling and paddling backwards!)

I seriously don’t think I laughed with such glee and abandon since, well, last week when we went zip lining…..but seriously, we had such an amazing time!  Being out of the city, trying something new and lil’ bit of adventure was just what the doctor ordered after a long week!

And let me tell you, the bus ride home was nice and quiet…after all the adventure, we all passed out!  Pete and I were so exhausted by the time we made it home it was all we could do to climb into bed and fall deep into sleep!  Speaking of sleep, I’m off (yawn!) to get another good night of beauty rest!  Night all!

By Brittany, August 21, 2012
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