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Flywheel- Never Coast!

  • August 22, 2012
  • By Brittany
Flywheel- Never Coast!

So I have been going to Soul Cycle for a long time and always thought it was great.  The atmosphere is motivating, the studio is cool and the workout is killer.  But lately, well, I have been gettin a leeeetle used to it.  So, a co-worker suggested we try out Flywheel.  She knows that I am interested in training for a triathlon and need a place to cycle.  So we created an account online and signed up for our first class.  The only catch?  The only time we could attend class was slotted as an hour long class.  Mind you, I cycle for 45 minutes and feel exhausted.  An hour!?  You’ve got to be kidding me.


So we arrive to our first class on the UES.  Its crowded but check-in was easy.  Flywheel has a self check-in wall where you enter your username into a computer and boom!  You are ready to go.  Below the computers is a wall of cubbies that contain you’re *FREE* pair of clip shoes.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am a fan.  (When you create your account online you enter your shoe size so they have the correct size waiting for you when you arrive).

Another major perk I noticed right away were the amenities.  I am a big fan of hair elastics, hand sanitizer and free mints for all.  Hey, at $30 plus a class, you take what you can get!


After putting our things in the complimentary and easy to use lockers, we grabbed a couple of towels and some *FREE* water (If you can’t tell, I love the free stuff!) and headed into class.


Every participant is assigned a bike when they sign up online so there was no fighting over bikes.  Set up was easy and there was plenty of staff around if you need help.  After a short introduction from the instructor, we were ready to rock and roll!


So a unique feature at Flywheel is their “torq” system.  In most other spin classes I have been to the instructor tells you to add resistance by telling you how many turns on the resistance gauge or by describing how the resistance should feel.  Flywheel has a screen on every bike that shows your torq, your RPM and your power output.  The torq represents the resistance you have on the bike, much like a stationary bike in a gym.  Your RPM measures you rotations per minute (aka speed).  Your power increases as you add resistance and maintain speed or drop resistance and pick up speed.  It took me a minute to catch on what was going on as the instructor called out 30 (torq)- 80 (RPM) but I finally caught on that she was driving the class to increase/decrease resistance and speed in order to take us through our workout.


Another really cool feature?  The torqboard.  So when you create your account online you have the option of choosing a torqboard name and opting to participate during class.  Essentially, the instructor turns on the torqboard and you can see your name on the board and see how much power you have earned and where you rank in the class.  During certain points of the class, the instructor would turn on the torqboard and it would track you as you gained power for that segment and show who was coming in first. OMG.  Can you say COMPETITIVE?


(Check those stats!)

All in all, the class was awesome.  At the half hour mark we grabbed weighted bars for some arm work.  Holy cow.  I thought I was going to die and we still had a half hour left!  I left Flywheel totally exhausted, 730 calories lighter and ready to go back for more.  I don’t think I have EVER worked so hard in a spin class!  Thanks Flywheel!  I’ll be seeing you soon!



By Brittany, August 22, 2012
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