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Product Review- Timex Heart Rate Monitor

  • August 25, 2012
  • By Brittany
Product Review- Timex Heart Rate Monitor

So if any of you follow my workout log, you know that I track my heart rate, time and calories burned using my trusty Timex Ironman Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor.  This is my third heart rate monitor since I got serious about tracking my stats.  Prior to this monitor I had two varieties of Polar heart rate monitors.  The first I got for free by cashing in some points (which I recommend if you are just starting out and are not that interested in spending a lot of money on a monitor).  This one lasted me YEARS.  Then, when it finally broke down, I spent the money on a new Polar monitor, which lasted exactly ONE YEAR before it just broke.  So, after spending about $100 on a Polar monitor and having it last just one year, I decided to try Timex.

O.k. call me vain but one of the reasons I was attracted to this particular model was the look!  My previous two monitors were black and this one was white and purple and girlie.  So, yeah I picked it because of the looks BUT I did do a little research into the functions as well, the look just put it over the edge. 😉


So my needs in a monitor are basic: time, heart rate and calories burned.  I don’t include GPS or distance or anything like that because I do such a variety of activities rather than just running or just biking so I can’t really justify those kinds of functions.  However, if you are a runner or a biker or some other activity that needs to measure distance, I highly recommend you look for another product that includes those functions, such as the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS HRM which includes pace, speed, distance and is water resistant to 50m.  Actually would be good for my tri-training but oh well!

Ok, back to my watch!  It has a lot of features, most of which I don’t actually use, such as a lap function and average heart rate function.  But it is easy to use and gives me the stats I do want (heart rate, calories and time).  I also love the light on it so when I am in a dark spin class for example, I can use the glow function to see my stats (which is important because those classes are killer and my heart rate gets really high!).

The only drawbacks I really see on this watch are that I have this problem where I accidentally push a button and start timing a lap when I don’t want to!  This usually happens when I am struggling in a difficult cardio class or when I am in some strange yoga pose.  Overall not a big deal because I still get my full stats at the end but it is somewhat annoying.  The second thing are the calories burned.  I don’t know how accurate they are (I know, I know this is one of my main reasons for having the HRM in the first place!).  See, here’s the thing.  My Polar HRM averaged a certain amount of calories for a specific activity (i.e. a 30 min run would be 350 calories) and now my Timex does the same but it seems to be higher for the same activities!  So I am not sure exactly what the right calorie burn is but I guess I am getting a good approximation and I don’t seriously calorie count so c’est la vie!

Verdict- Overall, my Timex was a good buy.  We’ll see how long it lasts (hopefully more than a year but there is only a one year warranty!).  It keeps me motivated and because I can manage my heart rate, I know when to push myself harder and when to pull back.  I recommend to all you wanting to amp up your workout to give this model a try!

By Brittany, August 25, 2012
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