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30 Under 30 Update-My First Triathlon

  • September 5, 2012
  • By Brittany
30 Under 30 Update-My First Triathlon

Hey everybody!  How was your weekend?!  I hope you enjoyed a nice, long Labor Day!  I know I did!  I mean with three gorgeous days of totally tremendous weather, all I had to do was relax!


I mean seriously!?  Could it get any better!?





What with the gorgeous glistening water, the hot bright sun and the incredible scenery!



All I had to do was sit on the beach and look pretty!







O.k. so I was not a total beach bum the whole weekend!  My weekend started out with a bang by checking off another goal on my 30 Under 30 List!  Bright and early on Saturday morning I check off number 3 on my list by completing my first sprint triathlon!  Pete and I signed up for the Mayflower Sprint Triathlon in Plymouth, MA (I used to kind of be obsessed with the PIlgrims when I was in elementary school.  Do I think that this was some kind of subconscious influence from my childhood that drove me to sign up for the Mayflower triathlon-don’t know but I think I did the Pilgrims proud on Saturday!).

We’ve been training all summer and as Saturday morning dawned, the time was finally here!  (P.S. Check back later for my training schedule!)

We left the house bright and early at 5:30 a.m to head over to Plymouth for our 7:30 a.m. start.

After registering, we got our numbers tattooed to our arms.  Go 193 and 194!

We were then ready to compete.  So, if any of you have ever been swimming off the coast of Massachusetts, you would know that the water never really gets very, well, balmy.  There is always a little bit of a chill, even during the dog days of summer.  So when EVERYONE showed up in a wetsuit except us, Pete and I thought we were in major trouble!

But hey, it was too late to turn back now so we jumped into the water for the swim and OMG IT WAS COLD!  But we swim and we even made it to the other side without needing to be pulled from the water or rescued or administered any type of resuscitation!

 The males went first followed by the women (pink caps versus blue caps!).

Go Pete Go!  First transition area cleared!

So for those of you who don’t know, a sprint triathlon consists of a 0.4 miles swim, an 11.5 miles bike ride and a 2.3 mile run (sprint tris vary in length but they are approximately this length).

The transitions add complexity and time to your overall finish because you have to move seamlessly from one event to the next.

Pete and I had one goal for this triathlon and that was to finish!  And finish we did (thank goodness-I was really worried about getting kicked in the face swimming and possibly getting knocked out and drowning, but that didn’t happen.  So maybe I let my imagine run away a teensy bit).

It was such a great experience!  There were people, strangers!, cheering on others and telling them what a good job you were doing!  And if you see my face in any of the photos, you know that this tri was no easy task, so a cheer went a long way!

At the end of the run, another male participant came up behind me and encouraged me to sprint.  Now, if you know me (Pete, I’m talking to you here), you know I hate to sprint at the end.  I mean, I’m already working REALLY hard, now you want me to work HARDER!?  Seriously?!?  But as this person, a total stranger, encouraged me to sprint and he picked up his own pace, I don’t know what came over me.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I was sprinting!

I can tell you, nothing felt better than crossing that finish line!

I think we both did reasonably well (especially for our first time!)

Pete was the 116th person to cross the finish line with an overall time of 1:15:15.  He ranked 96 out of 185 total males and 11th out of 21 in his age group.  He finished the swim ranking 147 in 15:35 (a pace of 47:14).  He completed the bike in 39:35, ranking him 139th (16.7 mph) and zoomed home on the run finishing 99th with a total time of 16:32 or a 7:03 mile.

I was the 131st person to cross the finish line with an overall time of 1:16:46 (time was adjusted due to three minute increment delays at the start).  I ranked 25th out of 86 females and 3rd out of 9 in my age group making me an actual winner!  (Yep, I even got my name up on the board!).  I completed the swim in 17:38 (a pace of 53:27), ranking me at 192 for the swim.  I ranked 121 after the bike with a finish time of 38.49 (17 mph) and absolutely zoomed in on the run ranking 100th by finishing in 16:35 or a 7:04 mile.

Soooooo glad to have checked this one off the list.

Readers, have you ever competed in a big race?  What was your goal and how did you finish?

By Brittany, September 5, 2012
  • 7
  • Holly
    September 6, 2012

    Great competition in the Triathlon, Britt & Pete! To answer the Blogger’s questions to the readers regarding finishing a big race: Yes, FitBritt, I have finished the race to capture pictures at each transition of a triathlon!

  • Dave Nilson
    September 7, 2012

    Well, was I tired after watching you and Pete compete !!! That breakfast afterward really hit the spot !!

    Ok, you guys were absolutely fantastic and we had a great time being the support team.

    So what’s next on the 30 under 30 list ??

  • Bec
    September 7, 2012

    Woohoo! You are a superwoman! That is such a great achievement to come so highly ranked for your first tri! How fantastic and motivating are the cheering spectators in races – a big high five to them too. My biggest race so far was the half marathon where I achieved under my goal in 1hr 42min. However you’ve inspired me to aim beyond just running.

    Congratulations Britt and Pete 🙂

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