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Product Review- Ciao Bella!

  • September 6, 2012
  • By Brittany
Product Review- Ciao Bella!

So in addition to completing my *first* triathlon this weekend and in between hitting up the beach, I also spent some time in the great outdoors living up to my name, FitBritt.  I mean, what else is there to do on a bright, sunny, warm summer afternoon but play a round of tennis (my serve is much improved), a round of golf (could use some more improvement), and go for the most glorious hour and a half kayak around these little inlets off the beach near my parents house (literally, it was the most picturesque thing ever! The white fluffy clouds against the pale blue sky reflected in the cool blue water while we paddled through tall green beach grass…need I go on?).

So obviously with this amount of activity I worked up a bit of an appetite!  And the holidays are meant for indulging, right!?  So recently I have been getting into sorbet and gelato and I decided to do a little review on Ciao Bella!  It was an easy decision since there is a Ciao Bella right near my work (how I normally resist I do not know people!).

A couple of weeks ago at my parents house we tried the take home variety of coconut and key lime graham.  Ohhhhh so delicious!  The coconut is described on Ciao Bella’s website as refreshingly tropical, while the key lime graham as temptingly tart.  I have to say I think both descriptions are accurate.  My mouth is just watering at the contrast between the pucker from the lime and the smoothness of the coconut!

I then of course had to try the shop next to my work (I know, a blogger’s work is never done!).  This time I opted for maple ginger snap.  Oh snap (pun intended), this little guy packed some spicy punch or comfortably spiced as they say on the website.  I liked it but thought it was a little more fall than summer for me!

So my next foray was back to the sorbets and this weekend I tried the indulgently bold blackberry cabernet and irresistibly refreshing blood orange.  Both were so unbelievably flavorful!  The blackberry cabernet was deep and rich just like a nice cabernet sauvignon and the blood orange was tangy and a perfect depiction of the actual fruit!

My final “research effort” was to try out their Greek yogurt based product called “Adonia“.  I tried the wild blueberry flavor, which was actually very delicious!  Nice and thick and creamy like ice cream with a nice sweet taste of blueberry.  It was like a greek yogurt but a little bit creamier, thicker and just generally more delicious and decadent!  The best part was that it was only 130 calories and fat free!! 🙂

Just be careful when you get Ciao Bella that you don’t hit the town because it is lower in fat.  First of all the gelato is not considered low fat (although it is AMAZING) so have in moderation.  The sorbet is fat free but does have calories so just get a small and you are all set!  Enjoy!

By Brittany, September 6, 2012
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