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The Great Yogurt Debate

  • September 13, 2012
  • By Brittany
The Great Yogurt Debate

So recently I got into a discussion with some of my girlfriends over which Greek yogurt they enjoyed the most.  I said I usually bought Chobani.  They said they preferred Fage (pronounced Fay*ah which I was informed after I called it Fage as in page).  So that got me to thinking, maybe I should do a test for the best Greek Yogurt.

We have been hearing of the benefits of Greek yogurt for awhile now and it seems to have really taken off with Chobani even being a sponsor of the Olympics!  Low fat and fat free Greek yogurt are a great part of a healthy diet.  They are low in calories and fat, packed full of protein and other essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamins, zinc and iron.  Greek yogurt differs from what we think as “regular” yogurt in that it is strained to remove the liquid, whey and lactose which gives it the thick and creamy texture that our regular yogurt does not have.  The protein is one of the best parts of Greek yogurt, even though it is low in calories and fat all the protein helps you stay full longer.  Because of its consistency, plain Greek yogurt is also a perfect substitute for high fat dairy like sour cream and mayo.

So now the question remains-what yogurt to buy!?!  I decided to limit my taste test to three brands: Fage, Chobani and Oikos by Stonyfield Farms.  I purchased three kinds of each:


Strawberry Goji, Mango Guanabana and Blueberry Acai (do not ask me what any of these things are I just saw strawberry, mango and blueberry!)


The three “Ps”-Pineapple, Passionfruit and Pomegranate (don’t ask me why I have a photo of vanilla-which was for my smoothie-instead of passionfruit!)


Caramel, Chocolate, Peach

I left my pre-conceived notions at the door and delved into what promised to be a delicious taste test.  The Fage yogurts were thick and creamy.  The strawberry was light and fruity with a little bit of a tart aftertaste which may have been the goji.  The mango guanabana was decidedly tropical and was sweet but not too sweet while the blueberry was rich in color and taste with a deep and satisfying blueberry flavor.

Chobani was super fruity and delicious.  The yogurt was slightly less creamy than the Fage yogurt but it was still super delicious.  The flavors were amazing!  My favorite was passionfruit but I loved all three flavors sooooo much!  They tasted just like the fruits they were supposed to be flavored as.  The passionfruit was tropical and tangy and had bits of passionfruit seeds in it just like the fruit!  The pomegranate was mouthwatering with real pomegranate seeds and the pineapple was exotically sublime!

Unfortunately Oikos was my least favorite.  The yogurt was too tart and tangy for me which the flavors could not overcome.  I really wanted to get the sweetness from the chocolate and caramel but the tanginess of the yogurt prevented them from being too sweet.  The peach on the other hand was actually too sweet with an almost sucrose taste to it.


After my taste test I have to say, the best tasting yogurt was the Fage.  It was just so creamy and not at all tangy, tart or bitter.  BUT I do have to say that I LOVE the Chobani flavors and I actually think the flavors are better than Fage.  Also, the Fage container is a split cup and its really annoying!  The fruit is separate from the yogurt so you have to spoon the fruit from its compartment into the main yogurt compartment.  Even though the three brands are all roughly the same size, I feel constrained with the Fage yogurt because I have less room to mix in the fruit and as a result I cannot properly mix the fruit all the way through the yogurt (OMG a commercial for Fage JUST came on TV as I am typing this-can you say ESP!?!?).  Does this annoy anyone besides me????   Really its a small price to pay for the deliciousness of the yogurt.

Nutrition and price wise, the breakdown is as follows:


The 0% has 120 calories, 0g of fat, 50mg of sodium, 19g of cabs and 13g of protein.

The 2% has 140 calories, 2.5g of fat, 40mg of sodium, 19g of carbs and 12g of protein.

$1.99 per 6 oz container


The 0% has 140 calories, 0g of fat, 75mg of sodium, 21g of cabs and 14g of protein.

The 2% has 160 calories, 3g of fat, 100mg of sodium, 21g of carbs and 14g of protein.

$1.69 per 6 oz container


The 0% has 140 calories, 0g of fat, 70mg of sodium, 22g of cabs and and 13g of protein.

$1.39-$1.99 per 6 oz container depending upon whether you go organic or not

So the results are as follows:

Best Overall Yogurt- Fage

Best Flavored Yogurt- Chobani (Passionfruit!)

Least Favorite- Oikos (sorry Oikos but it just didn’t cut the taste test)

Readers, what’s your favorite Greek yogurt?

By Brittany, September 13, 2012
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  • Jesse Philips
    November 25, 2012

    I agree . . . Chobani Passion Fruit is my all-time favorite! But alas, I haven’t been able to get it since July.

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