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The Great Yogurt Debate Redux

  • September 16, 2012
  • By Brittany
The Great Yogurt Debate Redux

Recently I blogged about the best Greek yogurt aka The Great Yogurt Debate and found that Fage had the best tasting yogurt but Chobani had my favorite flavor (and Oikos just didn’t measure up).  Well, Chobani got a little bit of an extra kick this weekend when Pete and I decided to spend a sunny Sunday in Soho at the new Chobani Cafe!  I had been dying to go but we never seemed to find the time, until this weekend!

OHHH the choices!

Do I go for the fig and walnut?

Seasonal fruit and granola?

Blueberry power?

Or how about a class PB and J?


We ended up choosing Toasted Coconut + PIneapple for me (was there really any other choice!?!?) and Chocolate + PIstachio for Pete.

Toasted Coconut with Refreshing Pineapple, Turkish Hazelnuts and Light Agave Nectar.

Moutwatering I KNOW!


Decadent Dark Chocolate, Clover Honey, Turkish PIstachios, Fresh Orange and a Hint of Mint.

Absolutely sinful!!


While we waited for our order to come up, we browsed the shop (o.k. I took pictures obsessively while Pete stood there and waited like every other normal person).

The shop was really cool and well organized but small with no seating so we decided to get our yogurt to go!


 What I thought was really cool was that you could see all the yogurts being assembled!

Once our order came up we were off to walk the streets of Soho while devouring our yogurt choices!

The Toasted Coconut + Pineapple was simply amazing!  The coconut was creamy tasting and slightly nutty which was complimented by the hazelnuts.  The pineapple was tangy and refreshing and the agave added the hint of sweetness to the yogurt.

The Chocolate + PIstachio was an explosion of flavors in your mouth!  First the nutty pistachio then the sweetly bitter dark chocolate followed by tangy orange and a hint of mint at the end.  So good!

The next couple of blocks were decidedly quiet!!

Oh man was the Chobani good!  Even better, we picked up some free recipe cards at the shop.  Stay tuned for my own version of some of Chobani Soho’s creations!

One final thing I loved about the Chobani Soho Cafe?  The glass bowls our yogurt came in.  Chobani uses glass bowls made out of natural materials that are infinitely recyclable.  If you bring back your glass bowl you get $0.25 off your next order.  So cool!




By Brittany, September 16, 2012
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