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Finding My Balance

  • October 17, 2012
  • By Brittany
Finding My Balance

Now that I have been keeping with this blog for a couple of months, I thought it was time to share with you  the true significance behind the name My Own Balance.  I’m sure you can all tell from the About Me page and my general blogroll that this blog is focused on fitness, healthy lifestyle with some indulgences thrown in here and there.  I chronicle my adventures around NYC and share with you my passion for staying fit and active.  Well, you may be wondering what this has to do with finding balance.  Let me start at the beginning…

Pete (the best husband in the world-sorry ladies you can’t have him) and I met in 2004 when I was studying abroad in his home country Australian (I realize if you don’t know me, you may not know my hubs is an import!).  We dated long-distance for a year before I moved to Sydney, Australia in 2005.  We lived in Sydney for two years during which time I earned my Masters in Public Policy and became a certified fitness instructor with the Australian Council on Exercise (I had taught group fitness part-time in college but did not become certified until I moved to Australia).  While life in Sydney was great, I was not exactly pursuing my intended career path as a lawyer and so Pete and I agreed we should move to the United States so I could pursue my goals.

In 2007, we made the big move to the U.S. and I began three arduous years as a law student.  While law school is no walk in the park, I seemed to flourish-writing onto Law Review, making Dean’s List, interning for a federal judge, publishing an article and eventually graduating magna cum laude.  Pete’s career also took off after moving to NYC.  He works in finance and has been able to slog through the ranks of a large investment bank with more gusto and energy than anyone I’ve ever seen.  And despite the looooooong hours he works, he really likes what he does.

Cue 2011 and my first job as an associate attorney at a New York law firm.  I had always used fitness and staying active as a way to stay healthy and keep my stress levels in check but as I started working at a law firm I realized: 1) finding the time to workout was going to be a challenge and 2) I was way more stressed than I have ever been.  As time went on, I realized that if I am going to fit in a workout, I had to get up early and do it in the morning.  While it can be very hard to drag yourself out of bed, put on workout clothes and start jumping around first thing in the morning, I realized this was actually much easier than coming home late at night when I was exhausted and starving.

After about a year and a half of this routine (during which time Pete and I got married in Hawaii!), I realized that I managed to rely on fitness and a healthy lifestyle to keep me sane!  So I decided to write about it.  Now in addition to my a.m. workouts, I use blogging as an outlet to foster my passions besides work.  I use fitness and blogging as a way to counteract the long and stressful hours as an attorney and also as a way to keep myself honest about imposing balance into my life.  Sometimes the expectations with law firm employers, and with many other employers, is that you will do the work until its done regardless of whether you have to give up personal time or sleep or meals at home.  This can easily turn into a trap of eating takeout at your desk every night and skimping on sleep.  I use my fitness routine and my blog to force myself to examine and commit to the things that matter to me in life:  staying active and healthy, spending time with family and experiencing things like great food or wine or travel.

So that is the quick run down of my story and why I am searching for “my own balance.”  I’m not 100% stress-free nor am I 100% healthy all the time but I find a balance in the middle and I share my thoughts with you here.  So thank you for following me and for helping me with my journey!

By Brittany, October 17, 2012
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