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My Own Balance-Weekend Edition

  • October 21, 2012
  • By Brittany
My Own Balance-Weekend Edition

Hope you all did something fun this weekend!  I had an amazing Saturday!  Started out with an awesome class at Physique 57.  I took advanced with Alex and, it was out of control hard!  Normally at P57 we start off with arms, which usually lasts about 8 to 10 minutes (all Physique intervals are 8-10 minutes to “overload” the muscles-i.e. work until the point of fatigue), followed by a short stretch before moving onto legs.  We overload the legs, short stretch and repeat with buns and then abs.  Well, advanced is a whole new ballgame!

The arm interval was longer and the legs and buns section were linked together-no rest and no stretch!  The class was go, go, go!  My body was literally screaming!  Talk about feeling the burn! 🙂  This class was fantastic cardio as well!  I wore my Timex Heart Rate Monitor in class and at one point my heart rate was up to 170 bpm.  That is equivalent to an aerobic activity like Zumba, running or kickboxing!  Luckily I stuck around for the Physique Stretch class immediately following my advanced class.  Oh I needed it!  Alex taught this class as well and she really got into my hips and hamstrings and my dreaded IT band!  My overall calorie burn?   644 cals.  Yeah that’s right-same as spinning!

I’m taking the Physique October challenge.  VisitPhysique’s Facebook page to view the schedule and join me in sculpting your body this month!

After my major calorie burn, I headed to L’Institut Sothys for a relaxing facial for SpaWeek


As part of my 30 Under 30, I am committing to take care of my skin.  You can check out my routine here.


After facials, I headed to the Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel with a friend where we enjoyed a nice lunch 🙂  Delish!


I topped off the most awesome Saturday ever with a trip to C Wonder where I bought waaaaaay too many cute things!  I couldn’t help myself-everything was so colorful!  The store literally made me happy with color!

After a nice day out, I was happy to head home to the hubs for dinner and a movie on the couch 🙂

Readers, what’s your ideal weekend?


By Brittany, October 21, 2012
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