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  • October 28, 2012
  • By Brittany

Hello everyone!  So I promised you awhile back that I would post my wedding countdown workout to give you a little info on how I shaped up for my wedding!  Well, here it is finally!

Pete and I got engaged one year before we actually tied the knot so I started my countdown from engagement day 1 and stepped it up as we got closer to the big day.  I was not looking to really lose much weight but rather to tone up and shed whatever extra poundage was not necessary.  If you are looking to lose a large amount of weight, you may want to consider customizing the plan to your own individual goals.


9-12 Months to Go


At this point you have a full year until the big day so there is no need to start stressing about how you look yet.  This is the introductory phase.  If you do not already have a regular exercise plan, this is the time to start one.  I used this time to start thinking about what type of training I wanted to do for the next year.  You should try out different classes and DVDs to see what works for you.  Check out my reviews to see what I think about some popular classes/dvds.


With so much time before the wedding there is no need to start a hardcore diet (unless you are trying to lose a significant amount of weight and in which case I recommend talking to a nutritionist to get an idea of what you should and should not be eating).  During this phase I would try to focus on eating as healthy as possible but don’t worry about restricting calories or certain foods.  Try out some healthy recipes to find ones you like.


What you should do is develop a true beauty routine for both the morning and evening.  I would spend the money to get a facial and discuss with your facialist your skins needs so she can recommend products for your face.  It is important to start this routine early so you get the maximal benefits for your skin.  This is also a good time to try out new products because any reaction you could possibly have will clear up in time before the big day.  Now is also a good time to visit your dermatologist and discuss any ongoing issues you have (acne, dark spots, wrinkles, etc).  Your derm can give you advice and possibly a prescription for dealing with any annoying issues.

 6-9 Months to Go


By this in point in time you should have a good idea of what workouts are going to be effective and keep you motivated over the next several months.  Depending on your fitness level, I recommend 3-4 workouts a week at this point making sure that you are doing both cardio and strength training/toning.


What I found useful in planning for my wedding was to force myself to eat really healthy during the workout week and then allow myself to eat what I wanted on the weekends.  I found that this limited my cravings during the week because I knew I could have what I wanted on the weekend.  It also established a pattern of healthy eating for me during the week and gave me an idea of what meals I could eat.


Stick with your plan!

3-6 Months to Go


Now we are getting closer to the date so its time to increase your workouts.  Aim to get in a workout 5-6 times per week.  If you can only do a half hour, don’t worry about it.  Just get a workout in!  I recommend planning your workouts out at the beginning of the week and putting them into your calendar to hold you accountable for your “workout appointments.”


Start to limit the number of times you eat out and get takeout, even on the weekend.  This is tough but try to save unhealthy eating and indulgences for special occasions.  Experiment with healthy recipes to keep you motivated.


Stick with your plan!  I also recommend giving yourself a little extra TLC.  Use a hair mask once a week.  Give yourself an at-home facial.  Instead of a steam machine, run a wash cloth under hot water and put a few drops of an essential oil like lavender on the face cloth then place on your face.  It gives you the same effect as a steam session.  Then put on a face masque and let sit on your face before rinsing.  Don’t forget some eye cream!

3 Months Left!


O.k. you are entering the final stage and it is time to kick things up.  What you do now will have the biggest impact on your wedding day.  I worked out six days a week and often did some type of activity or yoga on the seventh day.  Increase the duration of your workouts to one hour if you possible.  Make sure you are doing both cardio and toning because the svelte look you want in your wedding dress can only be achieved from a combination of cardio work and muscular strength and/or endurance work.  This was my general schedule:


Day Workout
Day 1 Cardio-Turbo Jam
Day 2 Toning-Physique 57
Day 3 Cardio-Spinning
Day 4 Toning-Jillian Michaels DVDs
Day 5 Cardio-Zumba
Day 6 Yoga
Day 7 Physical Activity (Wii, skiiing, golf, tennis, etc)


As I got more and more busy with work and wedding planning, continuing to eat healthy became more and more difficult.  I chose to regular my calorie and fat intake by signing up for a meal delivery program.  I used Diet-To-Go, which kept me limited to 1200 calories a day (because I was working out so much I had to supplement with fruit and/or nuts as a snack).  My meals were delivered to me weekly.  Although you can chose to do a seven day program, I chose 5 meals, 3 times a day.  On the weekends I made my own healthy meals.  I also stopped drinking and eating dessert and sugar (no gummie bears or Swedish fish-so tough!).  I also avoided going out to eat or for drinks too often (luckily the wedding is a great excuse).


I continued with my routine and also added in monthly facials.  A great tip to make facials more affordable-cash in your credit card points for spa gift cards!  I also started exfoliating weekly in addition to my weekly hair and face masques.  You’ll look gorgeous on your big day!


*Remember to consult your physician before starting this or any exercise program.





By Brittany, October 28, 2012
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