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Hurricane Sandy and Indoor Workout-Part 1!

  • October 30, 2012
  • By Brittany
Hurricane Sandy and Indoor Workout-Part 1!

Hello everyone!  I hope you made it through Hurricane Sandy o.k.  We lost our internet connection for awhile but it is back now and so is M.O.B.  Pete and I had the past two days off from work (well, we worked from home).  We were lucky and stayed safe inside our apartment.  No damage, just plenty of high winds.

This is the view from our apartment during Sandy.  It looks kind of blurry because of all the rain being pelted into the window from the high winds.  Crazy!  Tomorrow it is back to work as usual.  Although there are still no subways running so I don’t know how usual it is actually going to be!

Anyway, with the storm raging outside I was not taking any chances by leaving the house (good thing I didn’t- I went to the grocery store this afternoon and there were trees totally ripped out of the ground and lying on the sidewalk).  So instead, I broke out the DVD player and tried out some fitness DVDs I had been meaning to try for awhile now.  I started out with Tracy Anderson’s Dance Cardio DVD.  I have heard so much about Tracy Anderson (some good things and some not-so-good things) so I was excited to try out her DVDs.  Tracy has a studio in NYC but it is uber-exclusive and uber-expensive.  So DVDs it is!

The Dance Cardio DVD is about 50 minutes total in length.  It starts out with with a 4 minute warm up which combines dancer stretches and plies.  Not the best warm up I’ve ever done because it didn’t actually get me very “warm.”  It’s still warm enough outside so I was o.k. but in the winter when I really need to warm up my muscles this is probably not going to cut it.

Then came the dancing.  My first reaction was WHOOOAA!  WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?  It was super fast paced and VERY difficult to follow.  Then I realized that for each song she does one routine and repeats it over and over so after a couple of times of going through the combination I began to catch on.  Its actually not such a bad thing that I didn’t get it completely perfect my first time with the video because I often think videos are “dumbed down” a bit and if the moves are too easy they get boring.  I find this to be especially true with dance videos (there are only so many times I can do the same combos).  I enjoyed the choreography for some songs better than others.  The last song was terrible for me!  I just couldn’t get it and really kind of started to lose interest.  Tracy’s cueing is not good and she is virtually silent throughout the entire video.  It would have been helpful if she had at least pointed in the direction we were meant to go in since we usually alternated sides and quite honestly I sometimes forget which side we were on!  Also, she occasionally would not follow her own choreography in the combination and change up the order.  Once I got the combo down, this then threw me and confused me again.  Really though I am sure after repetition again and again you can anticipate these changes and get it down pat.

I’m not sure I love her choreography.  I have been a dancer for many, many years trained in classical ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary.  I see the influences of ballet and jazz in some of her movement but it is very specific to the way Tracy moves.  I enjoyed some combinations better than others and the ones I didn’t enjoy or didn’t really catch onto, I was not in a hurry to figure out the choreo.  Overall I can say this is was good but not great.  I really wanted to love it because of all the press Tracy gets for being this amazing trainer and I love dance-based cardio but I don’t think this will be a video I want to do again and again.  I just didn’t have the same euphoric feeling I have at a Zumba class for instance.

Heart rate range 150-170 with the average being 160-165.  I would classify this as moderate to intense cardio.  I was sweating but I was not puffed.  Next up,Tracy’s Mat DVD.

By Brittany, October 30, 2012
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