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Election Day, Review of Jillian Michaels Xtreme Shred and an Announcement

  • November 6, 2012
  • By Brittany
Election Day, Review of Jillian Michaels Xtreme Shred and an Announcement

Hey all!  Are you psyched for Decision2012?  Did you get out and do your civic duty?  I did this evening.  The only problem was I couldn’t remember if I  had changed my last name from my maiden name to my married name.  This caused only minor confusion and resulted my being told that I couldn’t be allowed to vote but we worked it out in the end.  Phew!

I’m armed with media and wine until a decision is made!

Anywho, while I wait, I should give you my review of Jillian Michaels’ Xtreme Shed and Shred!

So you know I love a good Jillian DVD from my review of Six Week 6 Pack Abs, so you will be overjoyed to know that I found Jillian’s Xtreme Shred to be a great workout.  What I love about this workout is that it combines so many different disciplines: weight training, plyometrics, cardio, yoga.  It is the perfect all round workout for toning, shedding fat and calories, and improving flexibility.

As always with Jillian’s workouts she provides levels.  Xtreme Shred has two levels.  According to Jillian Level 2 is a progression from Level 1 but in my opinion, they are pretty equal as in they are both difficult but for different reasons.  However, this workout is still good for beginners and advanced alike.  Jillian always has her “backup dancers” and one girl will show you the easier option and the other girl will show you the more advanced option.  Jillian does a great job in this workout showing both easier and advanced options so you can adjust the workout to suit your needs.

The equipment needed is minimal, a mat and some weights.  The amount of weight you use is totally up to you.  I use a bit more of a variety in this DVD than in Jillian’s other DVDs so I pull my 3lbs, 5lbs and 8 lbs to use throughout but you could get away with just one set of weights.  If you use one set, I would recommend a medium weight (so for me, 5lbs).

The first level is about 40 minutes long, including warm up and cool down, while the second level is a bit longer at about 45 minutes with warm up and cool down.  A really great option on this DVD is the ability to combine the two levels together.  This is my favorite way to use the DVD.  All in, the workout takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.  The cool down for Level 1 and the warm up for Level 2 are both cut out to make the DVD flow.  This is what I call the bootcamp version because you feel so dead by the end but I also find that I sail through Level 1 or Level 2 a little bit when I do them on their own.

So what are the cons?  Not many.  Jillian’s workouts never really have great music and this one is no exception.  I find music really motivating so its a little bit tougher to get through without good music, you could always mute her and put your own music on in the background once you have done the moves a few times and have good knowledge of her cues.  Also, unless you do Level 1 and Level 2 back to back I find the cardio a bit sparse in this DVD so I would use it for toning and flexibility unless you plan on doing both levels.  Overall the pros outweigh the cons and I think this is an effective and great workout.  The moves are unique and non-repetitive and Jillian’s options give you room to improve over time.  I give it a thumbs up and a must buy to round our your home DVD collection 😉

Oh what’s that?  You wanted to know what my big announcement is?  Well, you all know how much I enjoy Jillian’s workouts (see above).  So I’m super excited to announce that I will be taking part in Jillian’s Body Revolution!  That’s right!  90 days of pure Jillian and extreme weight loss.  O.k. I don’t really need extreme weight loss, but I am super excited to get into really great shape and to get my eating back on track (hint-I’ve been indulging a bit lately!).  So stay tuned for update on how the Revolution is going (coincidentally the hubs and I are watching the TV show by the same name as I type this!).

By Brittany, November 6, 2012
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