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Product Review-My Yoga Mat

  • November 15, 2012
  • By Brittany
Product Review-My Yoga Mat

Holy hiatus!  I had some trouble posting this last night because I couldn’t connect to the server.  So I’m a little behind!  But I’m back tonight and ready to tell you about my search for a yoga mat!

I recently set out on a mission to buy a new yoga mat.  I did some (quick) research online to find a yoga mat that was recommended by other yogis.  For a (really) long time I have been using Gaiam mats.  I most recently have used this pink one but before that I had a similar Gaiam one in orange and pink (note the color theme).


What I love about the Gaiam mats is they are inexpensive (usually no more than $30 and often you can find them under $20) yet they are durable.  As I mentioned, I have had this pink one for quite literally years.  The only reason I decided to get a new one was because I thought this one had gotten a bit grungy and no amount of cleaning, at least not the kind I am willing to do, would make it less grungy.  So I have converted it to my workout mat, i.e., a mat I can wear sneakers on and not worry about.  Although I have had good experiences with the Gaiam mats, I decided to get something different this time around for my yoga practice.  The thing about the Gaiam mats is that they are very thin and I often need to use a towel or cushion for certain poses because the hard wood would irritate my knees, ankles, bunions, elbows, etc.

So I was in a search for a new yoga mat.  I read a lot of good things about the Manduka mat.  It sounds great but at $90 a pop I thought this was just too much.  I mean, it’s a MAT.  So I settled on “The Mat” from Lululemon.  Here is what I like about it so far:



* It is much thicker than the Gaiam mats and provides extra cushioning for my boney parts
* It is reversible!  There is softer side and harder side for different types of practices.
* It is super absorbent.  I think that I might even be able to get through a sweaty vinyasa class and maybe even a hot yoga class without a grippy towel.
* It is durable.  This is probably not going to be a mat that gets shredded up by my feet!
* It is a pretty pink color.

And this is what I don’t love…


* It is kind of smelly.  The mat is made of polyurtherane so there is rubbery smell to it.  It is supposed to fade overtime however.
* Its a lot more expensive.  The cost is a whopping $69.  A lot more than my traditional Gaiam mat.
* The super absorbency means that the pink/hard side of the mat really absorbs body oil and sweat so you kind of end up with marks on the mat.  Luckily they went away when I wiped the mat down.  I was so freaked out that I had ruined the mat when I first wiped it down because there were these large wet spots but they eventually went away.  No harm, no foul.
* Its super heavy.  But I knew this when I bought it and I mostly do yoga at home so I am not too worried about it.

So overall I have to say I really like the mat so far!  I am looking forward to using it more.

Readers, do you have a favorite yoga mat you use?

By Brittany, November 15, 2012
  • maggie @ say yes to salad
    November 15, 2012

    I love my Gaiam mat – I’ve had it for at least 4-5 years. I ordered a Manduka last year to replace it but sent it back – way too heavy and super slippery. I usually use Jade mats because Pure Yoga preps all the rooms with mats, so need to bring my own. Now I use the Gaiam at home when I do decide to practice at home (but I used to take it with me when I went to bring-your-own-mat studios – I only just joined Pure in June).

    I haven’t tried the Lululemon one but it looks nice!

  • Holly
    November 16, 2012

    The Lululemon mat is heavy. When rolled-up you could use to do lift exercises in Pilates. It is fine to leave at home and use rather than carry around.

  • Nicole
    February 12, 2013

    I just purchased “the mat”. It just got delivered. I unrolled and dropped into down dog immediately and didn’t budge…on the flat side, tried it on the other side and was happy with that too. My old mat was a yoga zone mat someone gave me as a gift a decade ago. I am so looking forward to using this mat and even though it weighs, I think not sliding all over the floor anymore will be worth it 🙂

    • FitBritt
      February 12, 2013

      I agree Nicole! I’ve brought the mat to yoga class and it wasn’t too heavy but I didn’t slide at all!

  • Mary
    September 20, 2013

    The website only had two colors of The Mat but several for the Un it a country issue or what not? Also, several reviews say there is a slippage issue if you dont have any problems with sweaty I am having second thoughts getting The Mat since my palms do not get sweaty. Any thoughts?

    • FitBritt
      September 20, 2013

      Hi Mary. I don’t really know about the colors. I got mine last year so it was awhile ago now. I also bought mine in store-sometimes they have more colors than online. I haven’t had any problems with slipping even when my palms are not sweaty. It’s reversible so you can use the colored side or the black side. They have different textures. I really love it!

  • Mary
    September 22, 2013

    Oh wow is THE MAT model tho,right? There are also reviews that say staining is a major issue..did you guys encounter any of these problems? I just want to be sure before I make the leap lol..thanks, any advice I can get is very much appreciated 🙂

    • FitBritt
      September 22, 2013

      Yes, it’s The Mat. I didn’t have any problems with it staining. Water marks do end up on it if you sweat or you spray cleaner on it but they fade away, so there are no permanent stains on it.

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