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Jillian Week 3 Recap

  • November 26, 2012
  • By Brittany
Jillian Week 3 Recap

Hello!  Well its back to the ole routine now that Thanksgiving is over.  I’m happy to say that I am back on track with my eating (for the most part!).  Its so tough to stay healthy during the holiday season.  There are so many treats to derail you from your healthy diet (I’m thinking cakes, cookies and bread in the kitchen at my office) and with more demands from work, family and friends during this time of year, fitting in exercise can also be really difficult.  Luckily I am staying committed to Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.  So far I’ve been very committed to the workouts.  The diet is actually a little bit harder because as I mentioned previously here, the meals are great but require a lot of prep work and time commitment.  So here is my recap from Week 3 of Body Revolution!

Workouts:  I was able to stay committed all week!  Wednesday ended up being a tough day with work and travel plans so I took a mid-week break.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with changing up your rest days in order to fit the workouts into your schedule.  As long as you are completing the scheduled workouts each week and preferably in the order Jillian provides, I think you are golden.  I should mention that the reason the order is important is because Jillian generally splits her workouts into the following categories: Workout 1 for front of body, Workout 2 for back of body and Workout 3 is cardio.  The cycle then repeats itself.  So for each Phase (there are three total) you are scheduled to use the same two dvds to work front of body and back of body for the first two weeks.  After the first two weeks you switch up the dvds and while you are still working front of body on workout 1 day and back of body on workout 2 day, the actual moves have changed up a bit.  Cardio remains the same for the entire month!

I mentioned last week that the first two weeks using Workouts 1 & 2 were not so challenging for me, mostly because I am already pretty fit.  This week I moved on to Workouts 3 & 4 (remember cardio remains the same).  Workouts 3 & 4 definitely upped the ante a bit.  Jillian began to add in a few moves that worked upper and lower body at the same time.  The first week she would switch off between upper and lower body (remember you are alternating your days between front of body and back of body not upper and lower body), allowing each area to rest.  This week she is giving you a little less rest and a little more intensity.  Although the change wasn’t dramatic, I definitely began to feel it more.  If you are just starting out with exercise, I really think you would benefit from the way Jillian builds up your strength and endurance the first month.  Even though cardio remains the same, I didn’t feel as though my cardiovascular endurance had adjusted so that the cardio workout was too easy.  I still felt challenged especially by the last circuit.  That reminds me, circuits are another thing I should mention.  Now that I have been at this for three weeks, I see the pattern with Jillian’s workouts.  She splits each half hour workout into 3-4 circuits.  You go through each circuit once then you perform a one minute cardio interval before repeating the circuit a second time.  I’ve also found that Jillian really does provide you with a lot of options to amp up the workout if you are more advanced.   This is great since I will presumably have these dvds for a long time to come and want to make sure my intensity doesn’t drop.

Overall, I’m really happy with my workout results for Week 3!

Food:  O.k. I mentioned above that the holidays are making it tough to follow Jillian’s meal plan.  Here’s the deal, this week with Thanksgiving around the corner, I just wasn’t able to spend a ton of time making her recipes.  I did however make her Autumn soup which I ate for dinner and for lunch, it was actually very good!  I also made her pita chips which I ate with store bought hummus (as opposed to homemade hummus).  I managed to fit in a few more healthy recipes that were a little bit easier to prepare.  I think the major drawback to her food plan is the time commitment.  It is just not realistic for my lifestyle.  That being said, I am trying to take away her principles.  For instance, I go out to eat a lot with friends or the hubs.  So when I went out last Saturday, I ordered fish with spaghetti squash.  Healthy, delicious and Jillian-approved (I think!).  Another example, Jillian has a great stir fry recipe in her cookbook, which I shared with you here.  I love how healthy a good stir fry is but can’t always make it from scratch.  Luckily, I buy my groceries from FreshDirect, which offers some really easy “Ready-to-Cook” items including Stir-Fry kits.  Basically they have meat or tofu and veggies all pre-chopped, sauce and any special garnish (e.g., nuts, basil, etc).  You easily recreate this kit by buying pre-chopped meat and veggies from the grocery store and picking up a bottle of Asian-style sauce (just make sure the fat, calories and sodium are not too high-anything with a citrus base is usually a good bet).  I forgot to bring my Jillian cookbook with me when I was traveling over the weekend and as a result, I had to order groceries without her input.  So, I’ll let you know next week how the food situation goes this week!

Readers, how are you staying on track for the holiday season?

By Brittany, November 26, 2012
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