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Holiday Gift Giving Guide

  • December 4, 2012
  • By Brittany
Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Hello everyone!  Sorry for (another) short hiatus.  I’ve had quite a few things going on, including coming down with a major cold.  Anyway, I am back with some awesome ideas for your holiday gift giving.  A couple of years ago I decided to theme my holiday gifts for my family and I got everyone fitness and health baskets.  I filled them with really fun things like snack-sized almonds, 100 calorie popcorn bags, Lululemon gift cards, Wii games, healthy cookbooks, etc.  I had so much fun creating these gift baskets.  Now I am giving you a list of some of my favorite fitness themed gifts.  I mean, what could be better than giving the gift of health?  Cheers!

1. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop *Reversible– I can’t resist the hot pink yoga pants!  I am lusting after these!  They also come in blue.  If you don’t dig the hot colors, you can just turn them inside out for a nice black crop.

2. Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towel– I have one of these in a very pretty light turquoise color.  It works great to help you stop slipping and it is especially vital for sweaty hot yoga classes.  I also use mine on my yoga mat so that I don’t have to worry about wiping down my mat.  The Yogitoes Skidless is machine washable!

3. Gaiam Yoga Mat Wash– If you do need to wash down your mat, this product from Gaiam is a great option.  It has tea tree extract and essential oils and smells really great!

4. Gaiam Yoga Mat–  My faithful yoga mat for years!  I love this happy pattern and despite the price point and the thinness of the mat, this thing is durable!

5. The Yoga Cookbook– While I haven’t given this one a try yet, it looks really delicious and is perfect for that perfect vegetarian yogi in your life, or yourself!

1. Gaiam Balance Ball Kit– A balance ball is the perfect tool for core work, resistance and even stretching.  This kit by Gaiam provides you with all the tools necessary to have your own ball at home.  And when all else fails, its a great substitute for an office chair.

2. Jillian Michales Body Revolution–  Its not secret that I have been doing Jillian’s latest program and so far I’m loving it!  Give it a try this holiday season.  Everyone can fit in a half hour of exercising everyday!

3. Les Mills Body Combat– I love love love Les Mills classes (more on that to come in the future).  They are reminiscent from my days down under.  My jaw dropped when I saw that they are now offering DVDs of their popular classes.  Give this program a try, you will love the martial arts inspired moves!

4. Turbo Fire– Complete your home gym with a dose of Chalean Johnson’s latest fitness craze- HIIT workouts.  I haven’t tried this yet but plan to do so in the near future.  After years of doing Turbo Jam, I’m really excited about trying out this new set of DVDs!

5. TRX Kit– I recently tried a TRX class.  They are super tough!  These babies are so versatile and give you a great workout.  So forget spending a ton of money on your home gym, get this pack and you’ll have so many options for strength AND cardio!

6. 32 LB Weights-This is my home weight combination.  I use the 3lbs weights for my barre classes, the 5 lbs for general toning and the 8 lbs for serious lifting!  This is a great range of weights for beginner to advanced.  Altus offers this convenient weight stand as well-bargain!

1. The Physique 57 Solution– If your barre class lover already has the Physique DVDs, get her the Physique book!  I’ve had the chance to preview this book in studio and it provides a comprehensive guide to the moves that made P57 famous!  You’ll be sure to drop inches with this book.

2. Physique 57 Workout Ball–  You can’t do an at-home Physique workout without their signature ball.  it will do wonders for your thighs.  Then next year you can gift skinny jeans! 😉

3. Lululemon Back Burner Tank– I love this tank!  It is super chic and comes straight from Lulu’s barre class collection.  Of course the pink color doesn’t hurt either!

4. Lululemon Barre Pulse Pant– With these pants you’ll be able to see your body contour and stretch.  Love, love, love!

5. Zumba Wear!- One of my favorite parts of Zumba is the colorful and fun clothing that it absolutely demands!  Click on the link and get 10% off your order.  Channel your inner Latin Diva in lime green pants or an aqua blue sports bra!

6. Zumba Exhilarate–  This is a fantastic home DVD collection. All you need is a little bit of space and no inhibitions.

7. Zumba for Wii–  One of my favs!  I love this game.  It is absolutely a workout!  Choose between different class options and get your groove on!


By Brittany, December 4, 2012
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