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Sunday Slow Cooker- Smoky Chili & Peppermint Bark Brownies

  • December 16, 2012
  • By Brittany
Sunday Slow Cooker- Smoky Chili & Peppermint Bark Brownies

Happy Sunday!  Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing weekend.  We are having a great time over at the Bendall household!  Sunday means Sunday Slowcooker Series!  This week we have a Smoky Pork Chili.  It is so delicious!  You have to try it!

A few things to consider before making this recipe.  First of all, this is not a “grab-your-ingredients-throw-it-in-the-slowcooker-and-go” recipe.  This one takes a good deal of prep so make sure you try this recipe when you have enough time on the front end to do the prep work (i.e. probably not a work morning).  Second, this recipe is rather spicy.  You can cut down on the spice by not adding tobasco, going easy on the chili powder and using regular tomatoes instead of fire roasted tomatoes.  Adjust to your taste.  With those tips in mind, here we go!

Smoky Slow Cooker Chili


1 package of cubed stewing pork

1 medium yellow onion, chopped

1 green bell pepper, chopped

3 garlic cloves, minced

3 tablespoons of tomato paste

1 beer (I used Amstel light but a lager probably works best)

3 TBS of chili powder

2 TSP of dried oregano

3/4 TSP of black pepper

6 tomatillos, quartered

2 cans (14.5 oz) of canned tomatoes, diced (I used one plain and one fire roasted with chilis)

1 can of pinto beans, drained

A few (to taste) dashes of Tobasco (I used the chipotle version for a smokier flavor)

Reduced fat monterey jack cheese


1.  Brown the pork.  If you have the capability, brown the pork directly in the slow cooker.  If not, use a skillet on the stove with cooking spray and brown the pork.  Then remove the pork and put it in the slow cooker.   If browning in the slow cooker, remove pork after it is browned and put aside.

2.  Next, saute onions and peppers for six minutes (either in slow cooker or on stovetop).  Add the garlic and saute for another minute.  Add tomato paste and saute another minute. Add in beer and saute for a final minute.  Then, if using skillet, transfer onion mixture to slow cooker.  If sauteing in slow cooker, leave onion mixture in slow cooker and add pork back in.  Add remaining ingredients to slow cooker, except cheese.

3.  Cook chili on low for 6 hours (don’t worry if you need to leave it longer than six hours, most slow cookers have a “warm” function that it will automatically switch to after cooking time expires and will keep your food warm until you are ready to eat!).  When cooking is done, ladle chili into bowls and top with cheese.

Enjoy and then thank me for sharing this super yummy recipe with you!

Oh and if you are looking for some dessert, you should try the Peppermint Bark Brownies Pete and I made this afternoon as part of our 15 Days of Togetherness!  A yummy Xmas treat for a rainy Sunday 🙂

brownie mix

pink mixer

I got to use my brand new hot pink mixer for this recipe!  Exciting!

peppermint brownies

By Brittany, December 16, 2012
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