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Jillian Weekly Recap- Week 5

  • December 18, 2012
  • By Brittany
Jillian Weekly Recap- Week 5

we are at Week 5 of Jillian’s Body Revolution.  This is my last week of Phase 2 (remember I told you I had to deviate from Jillian’s plan a bit and dedicate one week to each set of workouts instead of two because of an expiring Groupon I have-so many workouts, too little time!).  Here are my thoughts on this week:

Workouts– O.k. these workouts are really tough.  I’m actually having trouble in a few circuits completing the whole circuit because they are so difficult.  A highlight from the week?  Chest flyes in a lunge position straight into Warrior 3 holding the weights out above your head.  OMG.  So tough!  As I mentioned in Week 4’s recap, Jillian is supersetting (meaning working the same muscle groups twice in a row) AND she is working upper and lower body simultaneously.  I’ve noticed an increase in my calorie burn on the workouts (check out my workout log for calories burn information).  I feel like I’m getting stronger and getting a lot out of the workouts.  Unlike Phase 1 where I could take all of the advanced options, those options just aren’t for me in Phase 2.  But that is actually great because it means I didn’t waste my money on a DVD that basically won’t get me results.  I have room to grow and get stronger and work towards those advanced options.  Jillian’s plan in this workout is to spend 90 days of intense training and dieting to help you lose a lot of weight. I’ve customized it to me a bit.  I like the intense workouts (obviously) but I’m not doing the plan for 90 days and I’m not doing extreme dieting (it IS the holiday season after all).  Rather, I’m sticking to the diet when possible and completing the whole workout in about 60 days.  I have to say that the workouts are great for this time of year when your time is scarce or better spent with family and friends.  Also, its really keeping me in check and preventing me from going totally overboard.  I’m really happy with the way I look and feel right now!  Looking forward to moving into Phase 3 next week (although I’m a little scared!).

Food– I’ve mentioned in the past that staying on the food plan is extremely difficult because of the amount of prep work involved in the recipes.  This week I managed a few of the healthy recipes including: Eggs with Canadian Bacon and Avocado, Mediterranean Tuna Salad and Southwest Turkey Burgers.  I also had some really healthy Fish Tacos earlier this week.  I think overall I’m doing pretty well, although as I mentioned, with the holidays, there are days where I’m just not sticking to the plan.  Notwithstanding, I feel that because I’m following the workouts and the food plan when possible, I’m not doing so badly!

Check back next week for my Week 6 Recap!  Or click here to see my reviews of Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 or Week 4!


By Brittany, December 18, 2012
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