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Jillian Weekly Recap- Week 6

  • December 29, 2012
  • By Brittany
Jillian Weekly Recap- Week 6


Welcome to Phase 3 and Week 6 (for me) of Jillian’s Body Revolution!  This is the home stretch so to speak.  I’ve completed Phases 1 and 2.  I’ve built up a fitness based, pushed myself into discomfort and now I’m ready to tackle the final stage.  As Jillian would say, this stage is “NO JOKE!”  It is meant to be tough and it delivers.  Perfect for busting through any plateaus you may have encountered in Phase 2.  Check out my recap below.

Workouts:  Workouts 9 and 10 and Cardio 3 bring you to a whole new level.  Holy guacamole!  Jillian adds plyometrics into her weight lifting exercises (think squats, holding weights with a jump at the top).  I really amped up my calorie burn this week (see my Workout Log).  There were a number of exercises where I kind of just felt like I was going to die!  I tried to push through on every exercise but it wasn’t easy!  The cardio is tough and keeps your heart rate up.  The toning DVDs  combine supersets, upper and lower body and plyometric training.  Its the worst best of all of Jillian’s training techniques.  Expect to sweat this month!  I would even recommend using these DVDs in your regular routine when you just need to kick things up a notch (ya know, after the program is over).  So glad I made it through and I’m almost DONE!!!!!

Food:  One word.  Christmas.  Total no go.  I’ve been eating mostly healthy except when the holidays come around its kind of a YOLO situation, ya hear.  I don’t beat myself up over the indulgences, I just try to stay on track when I’m not attending a party or having a holiday dinner.  I’ve been really good at eating healthy on these days but I haven’t been following Jillian’s food plan.  Just too hard 🙁  I need something simplified for on-the-go living. Oh well.  I guess I could try her food plan again when its not the holidays and I have more time?  In any event, I’ve been keeping up with the workouts so I feel good about that.

Readers, how have you kept up with your workouts/diets/healthy living over the holidays?

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By Brittany, December 29, 2012
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