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Pilates Reformer Fakeout

  • January 8, 2013
  • By Brittany
Pilates Reformer Fakeout

A couple of days ago I wrote about trying out the PIlates Reformer for the first time.  Well, I was so surprised by how much I actually really liked the reformer class but its an additional cost at the gym and it ain’t cheap!  So I thought about some of the moves we did in the class and I created some imitation moves on my own using just a balance ball, resistance bands and a yoga mat!  Check out the moves I did below!


1.  Bridge-  Start with feet on the ball with back and bottom on the ground, hands by your side.  Slowly raise hips up keeping arms on the floor.  Repeat 3-5x.


2.  Hamstring Curl- From the Bridge position, extend legs straight.  Hold for a breath and then bend knees bringing ball back in.  Repeat 3-5x.



3.  Leg Raises- From the Bridge position, lift one leg off the ball straight to the sky.  Keeping leg straight, lower leg towards ball without placing leg on the ball.  Bring leg back up to start.  Repeat 3-5x then switch legs and repeat on opposite leg.




4.  Leg Circles- Using two resistance tubes, wrap one tube around each foot.  Lie on your back with legs extended in the air.  Bring legs out to the side so legs are in a wide V.  Circle legs around to front so body is in a straight line but keeping legs off the ground.  Raise legs back up to start.  Repeat 3-5x then reverse the circle dropping legs straight down first, opening into a wide V, then back up.




5.  Arm Circles- Repeating the Leg Circles with the arms, anchor two resistance bands around a sturdy object behind your head like a bed frame, a couch or a chair with weights on it.  Lie on your back with hands in resistance tubes and arms straight above head.  Move your arms out into a wide V.  Circle arms around down in front and then back up straight overhead.  Repeat 3-5x and then reverse the circle.


6.  Bicep Curls- Sit facing the heavy object and anchor only one resistance band around the object.  LIft arms to shoulder height.  Keeping legs straight and abs pulled in, bend arms to 90 degrees performing a raised bicep curl.  Extend out straight.  Repeat 10x.


7.  Lateral Pull- Still facing the heavy object with one resistance band, extend straight out.  Pull band back towards ribs working lat muscles.  Extend arms back out straight again.  Repeat 10x.


8.  Lat Extension-  Still facing the heavy object with one resistance band, sit with arms extended down by sides.  Keeping arms straight and core stable, push arms back behind body.  Return to start.  Repeat 10x.


9.  Tricep Extensions-  Sit facing away from the heavy object with one resistance band.  Hold the band down by sides.  Bend elbows bringing hands in front and engaging triceps. Return to start.  Repeat 10x.




10.  Salute- Sit facing away from heavy object with one resistance band.  Bring hands with band up to forehead like you are performing a double handed military salute.  Make a saluting movement pushing both hands away from head on an upward angle.  Return to start.  Repeat 10x.




11.  Serving-  Sit facing away from the heavy object with one resistance band.  Bring hands with band up to chest height, elbows bent.  Straighten arms out in front and then out to the side like you are serving an amazing dish.  Return to start.  Repeat 10x.





12.  Rollup-  Lie on your back holding ball overhead with arms straight and legs straight in front.  Without lifting feet, slowly roll up off the ground bringing ball in front of you until you are all the way up.  Then slowly roll back down one vertebrae at a time bringing the ball back overhead.  Repeat 3-5x.




13.  Crunches-  Place back on ball with hands behind head and feet on the floor with knees bent.  Keeping abs to spine and without pulling on your neck, lift shoulders off the ball into a crunch.  Return to start.  Repeat 20x.



14.  Step Out-  Standing holding resistance band in each hand and standing on the band (you can cross the band in front of you for more resistance), step right leg out to side leaving left foot planted.  Keeping knees bent, return leg back to start position.  Repeat 10x and then perform on the other leg.


15.  Squats-  Still standing on the resistance band, sit bottom down into a squat position.  Holding the squat position, pulse legs up and down 20x.

Hope you enjoyed my PIlates Reformer Fakeout!  I promise it will work you just as much as the fancy equipment!

By Brittany, January 8, 2013
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