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FiTMAPPED-Your GPS for Fitness!

  • January 13, 2013
  • By Brittany
FiTMAPPED-Your GPS for Fitness!

Hey there peeps!  So I have some exciting news for New Yorkers and Los Angelesians (Los Angelinos?  Los Angelesers?).  If you’re like me and you love trying all different classes around the city, you know it can be tough to track down every studio and every schedule.  Well, to help you find what you are looking for in the area you are looking, you should check out FiTMAPPED, your GPS for fitness!

FiTMAPPED is a comprehensive website that centralizes all you need to know about fitness classes in NYC and LA.  Let’s say you are looking for a spin class on the UES but have no idea where to go.  Visit FiTMAPPED’s website and you can enter the type of activity you want to do (spinning) and the area you want to do it (UES).  Voila!  A list of all studios that offer spin classes on the UES.  Its a super easy to find whatever you are looking for!  FiTMAPPED has a free app for iPhone that will allow you to search for classes on the go.  Just plug in the info and find what you want!


But FiTMAPPED is so much more than a geographical info bank of classes.  Not only will FiTMAPPED provide you with a listing of fitness studios and their locations, it also allows its members to review studios.  So you just had a great class at Physique 57 and you want to let others know how great Antoinetta’s class is, review it on FiTMAPPED and share the awesomeness!  Or let’s say you’ve heard so much about Flywheel but aren’t really sure if you want to try it.  Check out the reviews on FiTMAPPED and read what other participants are saying about not only the class but the studio, the atmosphere and the instructors.  So cool.

And if you thought all of the above isn’t enough, well, the website also offers class schedules for many of the studios and gyms featured on the website and even allows you to book straight from the site.  So, if you’re like me and you just can’t commit to one studio all the time, you’ll find the booking feature to be such a relief and a great way to consolidate your scheduling into one website.

Finally, FiTMAPPED isn’t just a passive bystander in the fitness world, rather the founders of the site want FiTMAPPED to be a platform for the fitness communities in NYC and LA.  Their app allows you to check into Foursquare and Facebook to let all your peeps know where you’ll be working out.  They are also constantly getting involved with local fitness studios and other health-focused brands to provide a platform for like-minded fitness freaks to build partnerships.  How does that benefit you?  Well, this month FiTMAPPED has teamed up with Kind Bars to bring you an awesome give away!  If you sign up for FiTMAPPED and log in using the code FITKIND to rate and review your local studios in either NYC or LA between now and 2/13/2013, the users with the most reviews will win a box of Kind Bars-that’s 72 bars!!!!!!  Awesome right?


* Full disclosure- I’m a FiTMAPPED FiTREP, which means that I get to try out complimentary classes and use the FiTMAPPED website so I can better inform all of you, my lovely readers.  Keep in mind that all reviews are my own opinion and I will never tell you something is great if I don’t think it is!


By Brittany, January 13, 2013
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