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Travel Review: Weekend in Napa Valley Part 1

  • January 24, 2013
  • By Brittany
Travel Review: Weekend in Napa Valley Part 1

So you might have had an inkling from my Top Ten of 2012 and my 30 Under 30: Hot Air Balloon Ride, that the hubs and I headed to Napa recently for an awesome weekend of wine tasting and indulging!  The purpose of this weekend (as if you need a purpose to go to Napa!?), was that my in-laws were in town and we wanted to spend some quality time with them.  And my “in town” I mean, in the United States of America.  I’ve mentioned before that the hubs is from Australia, right?  Anyway, since you have to fly through Cali to get to the East Coast from Oz, we thought we would take advantage of the stop-over and head to Wine Country.  Natch.

I told you about our Hot Air Balloon Adventure, which was amazing!  But it was actually at the end of the trip.  So let’s rewind a bit.  First of all, we stayed at the Westin Verasa which ended up being great.  Pete and I had previously visited Napa and stayed at the Wine Country Inn, which we really loved.  We wanted to stay there again but it was a little pricey for us and when we contacted the Inn about potential specials (since we would be repeat visitors and had referred some friends who stayed there), we got a pretty blunt response that turned us off.  So it was to the Westin Versa we went and we had a huge suite!  I totally recommend.

Westin Napa Valley Westin Verasa 1 Westin Verasa 2

Yeah I was ready to move in.  They also had a great gym where I did manage to work off some of the calories we consumed over the weekend!

We also ate at some AMAZING restaurants.  I swear you can’t go wrong in Napa.  We started out at Carpe Diem Wine Bar in downtown Napa.  We had the crispy olives, baked goat cheese dip, roasted wild mushroom with gruyere flatbread and Piggly Wiggly flatbread with pork belly, brussel sprouts and gorgonzola and the quack and cheese, it’s mac and cheese with duck confit.  OMG.  The food was out of control amazing!  I managed to snatch a pic of one of the flatbreads in between scarfing down all the food.

Carpe Diem Flatbread Carpe Diem Champagne

And of course a little champagne toast! 🙂
CeladonWe ate at Celadon on night two.  It had a much lighter menu, which was much needed after pork belly and duck mac and cheese.  I had a delightful fish dish.  The atmosphere was very relaxed.

The final piece de resistance was our dinner at Auberge du Soleil.  Pete and I ate here when we were in Napa a few years ago and it is amazing!  It has a Michelin star and offers only tasting menus.  The experience was indescribable.  The food was out of this world and the ambience was excellent.

Auberge du Soleil

Auberge du Soleil 2

We basically ate ourselves silly!

There was a bunch of wine tasting thrown in there between the eating so check back for Part 2 to learn where we visited and what we thought!


By Brittany, January 24, 2013
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