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Lunch on the Go- The Frozen Food Option

  • January 29, 2013
  • By Brittany
Lunch on the Go- The Frozen Food Option

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We’ve talked before about how difficult it is to bring a homemade lunch to work– the time it takes, the options, etc.  Bu the benefits can truly outweigh the hassles- less money, healthier, more satisfying.  But everyone has those weeks where throwing even two slices of bread together is just too much to ask.  So do you succumb to a week’s worth of $10 lunches at your local midday spot?  You don’t have to.

Frozen lunch options are a good viable alternative to freshly made lunches.  I know what you’re thinking- frozen food never tastes good.  Well, I have to say that recently when I was grocery shopping, I saw these Amy’s Light and Lean meals and I thought I would get a few to give them a try.  I’m glad I did because they ended up being really good!  Here’s the lowdown:

Nutrition– As the name implies these meals are both light and lean.  Many are under 300 calories and low in fat (which on a side note, is a little too low cal for me with an active lifestyle to eat alone so I usually pair with fruit or have an afternoon snack later on).  Many of the meals are also gluten-free or vegan so they are great if you are on a restricted diet.  They are also made with organic ingredients.  And this is my favorite part, if you read the ingredients, it reads like a grocery list.  In other words, I can read and understand every ingredient in each meal because they are free of chemicals and other additives.

Taste– This is by the far the most important category in my opinion.  I mean what’s the point of eating healthy if you don’t like what you are eating?  More importantly, what’s the motivation to stick with a healthy diet?  I actually thought all of the Amy’s Light and Lean frozen products I tried tasted good.  Were they a on par with a degustation menu at Per Se?  No.  Were they a good tasting, satisfying lunch option that I would buy again?  Yes.  I’ve tried many frozen brands in my life and I can honestly say these meals were one of the best tasting.

Options–  Most of the Light and Lean meals fall into one of two categories:  Southwestern/Mexican or Pasta/Italian.  Not that I mind because I just described two of my favorite cuisines and I really like the options but I think over time I would like to see an expansion of this line by Amy’s to include more variety.  Right now they have 11 Light and Lean meals and I would love to see them step it up with a few more.  I mean who doesn’t want more of a good thing?

Amys Light and Lean 2

These meals are super easy.  I buy several at once so when I’m in a pinch, I can just open up the freezer, grab and go.  Readers, have you tried Amy’s Light and Lean meals?  Or do you have another favorite freezer brand?

By Brittany, January 29, 2013
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