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FiTMAPPED & Revolve Fitness

  • February 28, 2013
  • By Brittany
FiTMAPPED & Revolve Fitness

Happy Thursday . . . one more day til the weekend! Yay!  While I know a lot of people head out for early weekend drinks on Thursday nights, I head to a spin class!  I mentioned to you before that I am a FiTMAPPED rep and the wonderful ladies over at FiTMAPPED organized a ride with the latest and greatest to enter the boutique cycling scene in NYC, Revolve Fitness.


Revolve has locations in NYC and D.C. and offers three unique rides:

Real Ride – simulates riding in real life with uneven terrain, gear shifting, fast wind resistance and pack riding

Body Ride- a ride combining cardio, strength and flexibility

RIP Ride- Resistance. Interval. Performance. a 60 to 75 minute ride meant to provide a hardcore, athletic experience.

We did the RIP Ride.  I have to admit I was s.c.a.r.e.d before class.  One, I was feeling a little tired and the class didn’t start until 7:30 so I thought I would be fading fast by then.  Two– “hardcore”, “athletic”, “ripped”– these were the words being used to describe the class.  I then looked up our instructor.  Holy abs!

Revolve 1


Yeah o.k. I’m really intimidated.  I think Flywheel is super tough and I never saw anyone with abs like this there!  Oh man, what have I gotten myself into!?

Revolve 8

I arrived at the studio for check in and I was impressed by the facilities.  Sign in was super easy and before I knew it I was ready to ride.  Our instructor, Kira Strokes, gave the FiTMAPPED reps an awesome shout out and then it started!  60 minutes of heart-pumping, non-stop, energizing cycling!

REvolve 4


We cycled for 17 minutes before breaking for the first round of arms.  We had the option of 3 lb or 5 lb weights.  I stuck with the 3s and let me tell you, they were killer.  The arm section was made up of a circuit of exercises that were repeated three times.  By the third time I thought my arms were going to fall off.  But if they end up looking like Kira’s, I’m ok with them falling off.  What’s different about the arms at Revolve than other studios I went to is we actually cycled much slower and even stopped cycling at some points in order to keep our bodies in proper alignment and avoid improper form.  It also gave me a nice little break from cardio so I was ready to go when 26 minutes in we started back up again.

Revolve 7

The cycling portion of the class was comprised of intervals both in and out of the saddle.  We climbed, coasted down, cycled flats and endured seated climbs.  We used a speedometer to measure our RPMs, which kept us on pace.  Kira instructed us to up (or lower) our resistance and when to increase or decrease our RPMs.

Revolve 6

At about 40 something minutes (at this point I was too tired to look), we stopped for our second set of arms.  This is when the quivering started.  After our second set, we revved up for our final cycling set.  Three songs until we hit home and then stretching.  With a total of 747 calories burned for the full hour, I was exhausted but totally proud of myself for making it through the whole ride and for, quite frankly, kicking ass.

Here’s what I loved:

1.) The studio- It was bright, clean and well-maintained.  Exactly what I have come to expect from boutique fitness studios.

2.) The energy of the ride- This was my favorite part of the whole night.  The crowd was insane.  Everyone was hooting and hollering and you couldn’t help but feed off the energy.

3.) Um, the ride!- As I think you may have gathered from the above, the ride was really awesome.  I was sweating buckets by the end.  It was a great workout and I enjoyed every minute of it.  The hour flew by!

4.) The instructor, Kira Strokes- She was really awesome!  I liked her personality.  I liked how she pushed us but wasn’t a drill sergeant.  I would definitely do her ride again.

Here’s what I think Revolve could work on:

1.) Shoes and water- I love how they are included at Flywheel.  So sad that I have to pay for them.  At least shoes should be included in the price since you absolutely must have them to ride.

2.) The RPM monitor- It only lit up when you manually pushed the light and only stayed lit for a few seconds.  I am big into numbers, something about being able to numerically quantify what I’m doing helps me push harder and feel more accomplished, which is why I love wearing my heart rate monitor.  I wish the monitors would stay lit up so you can always see the RPMs you are working at and not have to fiddle with the light.  I know you can feel your RPMs but I just really like looking at the numbers.

3.) Booking- I think some of the other FiTMAPPED reps had a difficult time booking and I did have to call (mainly because of my own stupidity- no one else’s fault) but when I did, they asked to call me back…kinda weird.

Would I go back?  Yes, definitely.  I loved the RIP ride and I lived to tell the tale.  I also really want to try Revolve’s Real Ride.  The hubs and I are pretty avid cyclists in the summer and I think spin classes are a great way to build up my endurance for these rides (not like they are super tough or we are super professional or anything but still). Although, I find that most cycling classes are meant more for fitness than for road cycling because the structure of the class really does not mimic what you experience on a real bike outdoors.  So I am curious to find out more about this Real Ride and to see if it would be a good option for our training.

* Just a friendly little reminder that as a FiTMAPPED FitRep I get to take these awesome classes for free.  Also, have you tried out FiTMAPPED yet?  If not, go to their website now and leave a review of your favorite spin class.  Or, check out the reviews for Revolve if you don’t trust mine!

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By Brittany, February 28, 2013
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