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30 Under 30 Update- Redecorate and Reorganize Apartment

  • March 12, 2013
  • By Brittany
30 Under 30 Update- Redecorate and Reorganize Apartment

So even though my 30th has passed by, I still have a whole bunch of updates on my 30 Under 30 list to share with you!  So no fear, I won’t leave you hanging on items I have yet to blog about!

Number 4 is redecorate and reorganize apartment.  Well, the hubs and I still rent so there is a limit on what we can do to the apartment in terms of altering the aesthetic or painting.  So, granted, it may not look that awesome to you, but I have have added some touches that make it feel more of a happy place for me and I figure, until we purchase something, this will have to do!  So follow me on my tour.

First up, the living room.  Number 28 of my 30 Under 30 was to buy one real piece of furniture, this started the redecoration and reorganization.  The couch is the piece de resistance in this decorating story.

But to compliment the couch, we decided to add some end tables, which ended up working great because we got so much stuff for our wedding, we actually needed the extra storage (it’s really funny but I seriously doubt people outside of NY realize how difficult it is to store things like vases and bowls in a small NYC apartment!).  So we have what I like to call the black and white table and the Hawaii table mainly because one table features a gradient of black and white, while the other one is full of colors and some memorabilia from our wedding in Hawaii.

Apartment 2

End Table 1 close up

End Table 2

Additionally, no couch can be complete without some glam pillows-enter my obsession with anything Trina Turk and you get bright turquoise pillows suitable for a beachside retreat in an Urban Oasis.  Whateves, this is my happy place!  The colors also compliment the Hawaii end table.

trina turk pillows

Next up, we move to the coffee table.  When we first got this coffee table, we lived in a different apartment that could not comfortably fit a table and chairs so we had to get cushions to sit on that we stored under the table.  This are the best things ever and we still use them all the time even though we totally have a dining table now.  But the real decorative accents here are recent developments.  Check it out.

Coffee Table 2

Coffee Table 1

Coffee Table Books 2

I recently bought the coffee table books: Young House Love, Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Colors and Happy Chic Accessories and Kate Spade.

Now we move away from the traditional living room area into our pseudo dining room.  I say pseudo because its all open plan (sounds fancy but really its code for I live in a small apartment that does not need walls).  Here we have our lovely dining table that I mentioned earlier.  I recently discovered table runners.  No they are not a new concept but they are new to me and I got two excellent ones on (which is fabulous btw for finding cool stuff at reasonable prices).  These topped with our fruit bowl or flowers and our Georg Jensen candlesticks make this area feel really cheery.  Especially with our bright vases and Cape Cod engagement photos in the background.

Dining Table 2 Dining Table

From here we turn around to face the buffet table which I’ve spruced up recently.

Buffet Table 2Buffet TableBarRose flower

I still want to change it up a bit by adding a tray to my bar that I’ve set up but I think we are on the right track here.

The buffet table is where I keep my champagne corks- these are corks I’ve collected from important celebratory events like my law school graduation, my wedding, and my 30th birthday!

Champagne Corks

The buffet is also where I keep my “junk” dish- my dish for keys, laundry card, etc.

Bendall Dish

Now we move into the bedroom where I take you to two of my most favorite spots-the bed and my desk.

The bed is another love fest for Trina Turk.  I bought her sheets and throw pillows from Macys and I swear everytime I look at them, I just get a little bit happier.  I feel like I have jettisoned off to the Greek Isles or Palm Beach.  Love!

Bed 1

Bed 2

Now we move to the desk.  This is really me- my favorite colors: pink, turquoise and yellow make up this awesome desk I created with the help of Poppin, which if you have not checked out yet- you must open a new browser right now and go there and purchase at least five things immediately.  I’m telling you, the colors and organizational possibilities will make you sing.  Or maybe that’s just me…

Desk 1

Anyway, the desk is where the magic happens people.  My Own Balance created here.  And of course another Trina Turk pillow thrown in for good measure.

Desk 2

Finally, we move onto the dresser.  I got these awesome dishes from C Wonder to hold my jewelry.  Oh happy colors!


So there you have it.  Its still a bit of a work in progress but I found some pieces of nirvana and color to add into our little nook in the world!  Readers, what’s your favorite part of your own place?

By Brittany, March 12, 2013
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