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TurboKick Review

  • April 2, 2013
  • By Brittany
TurboKick Review

Recently I had the opportunity to try out TurboKick, the gym class
version of the TurboJam DVD series.  TurboKick is a kickboxing fitness
program created by Chalene Johnson, the creator of TurboJam. Instructors are trained in the TurboKick format so each class has similiar elements, choreography and music.  My first impression of the class was “holy moly”!  Talk about high energy!  After the first 15 minutes I was sweating bullets and wondering how I was going to make it through!  But make it through I did!  Because we were constantly moving and the choreography was so intense (I wouldn’t recommend this class for beginners, especially if you are not great with choreography- I would try out the TurboJam DVDs first), the hour just flew by!


Another great feature of this class is that the music is really awesome.
It is incredibly motivational and makes you really want to kick it
harder!  It is all contemporary, new music.  To me this is a sign of a really great workout program when the music and the choreography are in perfect harmony and you work to your max!



One of the signatures of this class are the turbos, which are short
intervals where you push yourself to the max before getting a short
break.  About half way through the class, a siren goes off and then you
know it’s time to kick it into high gear- think high knees, plyometrics
and lots of punching, kicking and jumping.  If you want to increase your
fitness level, this will definitely help you!



A couple of suggestions if you are planning on taking a TurboKick class: 1) be prepared for intense choreography with a lot of quick changes- don’t let this deter you, just keep moving and you’ll still burn calories; 2) let loose and have fun- this class is only serious in that it’s a serious workout, not a serious atmosphere, don’t be afraid to have fun and shake your booty a little; and 3) streeeeeetch- I find there is never really enough stretching in this class so spend a few minutes after class stretching out on your own.

Final verdict:  I loved this class!  I would totally do it again.  One caveat, I think the instructor really matters.  I tried the class twice and the first time the instructor couldn’t really give it her all so I didn’t get the full experience.  The second class the instructor was INSANE and it was so much fun.  I did like 2 full minutes of jump squats.  If you haven’t tried this class yet, give it a try!

By Brittany, April 2, 2013
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