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Willpower, Goals and Year 1

  • April 10, 2013
  • By Brittany
Willpower, Goals and Year 1

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting mini-article on willpower yesterday.  The article focused on tips from experts on maintaining willpower when you are dieting and exercising.  Kelly McGonigal, a lecturer at Stanford University, was quoted stating that “willpower can be strengthened by understanding what goal we want to accomplish [], what pulls us away from achieving that goal [], and then resisting what deters us [].”  Basically, McGonigal is arguing that by remembering your goal, you can summon the willpower to overcome powerful urges that might sabotage your end goal.

I thought about this for awhile in the context of diet and exercise and wondered if this psychology is really the driving force behind my willpower to exercise and/or eat healthy.  I think during my wedding, this was definitely true!  I maintained a pretty rigorous diet and exercise schedule because I was focused on looking as great as possible in my wedding dress and all my honeymoon clothes.  This was probably the most focused and restrictive I have ever been in my life.  However, on a day to day basis my goal is less defined.  I know I want to look good but I don’t have a specific measure of what “good” means.  Also, I know I want to eat healthy so I can live a long time and so I can feel good.  I guess without a specific goal, I have a more difficult time summoning willpower to always make the right choices because I don’t have an immediate idea of how this may derail my “goal.”  Nevertheless, the general idea that I want to be healthy, does give me the willpower to make good decisions most of the time.  Readers, how do you think willpower and goals play in to your diet and fitness routines?

On another less serious note, I have some cool photos to share with you from my anniversary!  Yay!

We went to dinner at Jean Georges restaurant!  I got my hair blown out at Drybar beforehand.  I had never been there before and I absolutely loved it!  My hair was all curly and full of body (aka not at all like it ever looks day to day!).  Plus everything at Drybar is bright yellow, which I love!

The food at Jean Georges was amazing!

Anniversary 3


We started off with some fun cocktails!

Anniversary 4

And an amuse bouche!

Anniversary 5

Then we hit the serious stuff- Caviar on top of a Meyer lemon gelee.

Anniversary 6

Diver scallop carpaccio, sea beans, green chilies and spring herbs.  This one was one of our favs!

anniversary 7We then had asparagus and it was the best asparagus I have ever had but I was so enamored by it I forgot to take a photo!  So next comes the Arctic Char with a spicy thai green curry!

Anniversary 8

Next came the lobster with passion fruit and olive puree.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love both lobster and passion fruit and the fact that they were together…OMG!

Anniversary 9

Finally we had a roasted loin of lamb with crispy polenta and red wine smoked chili glaze.  Another one of our favs!  I liked it so much, I ate half of it before remembering to take a photo!

Finally, we moved on to dessert . . .

Anniversary 11

Rhubarb themed dessert tasting menu.

annivesary 10 

Chocolate dessert tasting.

Anniversary 12

And finally, a little something extra special for our anniversary!  It was so nice and thoughtful of the restaurant to send this out to us!  Although they nearly killed us with all the desserts!  Luckily I was able to bring them home and enjoy them tonight! 🙂

Anniversary 2

This is what we looked like after all the food.  We felt as blurry as the photo looks from the food induced coma!

Readers, do you have any awesome anniversary memories?

By Brittany, April 10, 2013
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