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Physique Cardio

  • April 14, 2013
  • By Brittany
Physique Cardio

Hello!  Happy weekend to all!  Hope you are making the most of it!  The hubs came home from Mexico again (yay!) so I made another meal from the Essentials of Italian Cooking, which I’ll post about later this week.  I also had the chance to check out my friend coaching a Special Olympics meet.  It’s so awesome that she does that- super rewarding!

Also, I finally tried out Physique 57’s new Cardio class on Friday after work.  We’ve talked about Physique 57 here, here and here.  I was so excited to give this new class a whirl!  In a typical Physique 57 class, the focus is on strengthening and toning the muscles although there is a cardio benefit to the moves because you work your muscles to exhaustion causing the heart rate to rise.  In Physique Cardio, you ditch the weights and instead focus on moves meant to rev up your heart rate like pushups, planks and lunges.  The focus on this class is the high intensity interval segments with toning and strengthening being an added bonus.


So what did I think of the class?  Well, in 57 minutes I burned 473 calories and my heart rate ranged from 120-173 with an average heart rate of 135.  Not bad at all!  My normal burn rate for a regular Physique 57 class is about 350-400 so this was definitely a boost!  However, I have burned more calories and felt like I’ve gotten more cardio out of an advanced Physique class.  I would actually rename this class to call it Non-Stop Physique because you literally don’t stop.  In a classic Physique class, you normally stretch in between exercise sets and there is a distinct arms, thighs, seat and abs section.  In Cardio, the stretching is saved for the end (and you get a full 7 minute stretch that feels like heaven!) and it’s more of a total body workout with arms, thighs, seats and abs all combined throughout the class.

Physique 57 3


I would definitely take this class again and I think it’s actually a great class for anyone who has been plateaued at the open level that wants to move up to intermediate or advanced.  This is a great “in-between” class that can help you build up the strength and stamina for a more difficult level.  Even if you are already taking intermediate or advanced classes, Cardio is perfect for changing up the exercises and the order of exercises.  I have to say that even though this is a cardio class, my legs were killing me by the end and were so sore and tired the next day!

Physique 57 1


Ready to give it a try?  You can find Physique Cardio in NYC at the following times:

Saturdays  8 am  UWS

Tuesdays 7:45 pm  SOHO

Wednesdays  12pm  57th Street

Fridays  12 pm 57th Street  and 5:30 pm  SOHO

By Brittany, April 14, 2013
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