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KettleX with Lorna Fit & FiTMAPPED

  • April 21, 2013
  • By Brittany
KettleX with Lorna Fit & FiTMAPPED

Hi there!  Hope you’ve been having a great weekend!  With everything that has been going on in Boston this week, you’ll be surprised to learn that the hubs and I actually made a trip up to Mass this weekend to stay with the fam.  See, I’ve had plans for about 6 weeks to meet up with my friends from high school and it just didn’t seem right having to cancel them because a terrorist had decided to wrek havoc the exact week I had this trip planned.  So even though our transportation was canceled on Friday when the city went into lockdown, we rented a car and hit the road!  Boston or Bust!  I’m so glad we did!  It’s so great to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in awhile, especially the ones that go way back! 🙂

This past week I had the chance to check out KettleX with Lorna Fit and FiTMAPPED.  If you haven’t checked out FiTMAPPED yet and you live in the NYC or LA area, you need to go there now!  It is the only website completely focused on fitness offering comprehensive reviews of gyms and studios throughout the city.  You can search for classes by activity type or location and find the exact workout you are looking for or even find something totally new to try!
As a FiTMAPPED rep, I got the chance to try out this KettleX class with Lorna Fit.  The class focuses on strength and cardio training by utilizing heavy round weights called kettlebells.  Because of the unique shape of kettlebells, training with them is often based on swinging motions that engages multiple muscle groups in the body, rather than isolating one muscle as is often the case with traditional weight lifting.  Training with kettlebells also tends to mimic everyday motions because it allows for three dimensional training, which means that you’ll be able to handle things like hauling those groceries around with greater ease if you engage in kettlebell training.
This particular class was held at the Fitness Cell Collective on the Upper East Side.  I loved that it was so close to my apartment and the studio was pretty amazing!  Immaculately clean, new and well-lit.  Lorna Fit (aka Lorna Kleidman) instructed our class.  She is actually a competitive kettlebell athlete, meaning she is the real deal when it comes to kettlebell training.  Although I’ve heard of kettlebell training, seen them at the gym and probably used them once or twice before, I can honestly say I’ve never really been to a kettlebell class before.  Lorna asked if this was anyone’s first time at a kettlebell class and I raised my hand.  Because it was my first time she gave me “light” kettlebells, which is actually about 10 lbs.  Because the way you move in a kettlebell class is more dynamic than the traditional weight lifting class, you can actually stand to lift heavier kettlebells than you might normally lift with weights.  I was impressed that Lorna made sure to acclimate kettlebell beginners to her class, however, although I’m a kettlebell beginner, a beginner exerciser I am not. I definitely could have handled some heavier weight because I barely broke a sweat in class, while some of the others were literally dripping by the end.
The class was about an hour long and featured traditional kettlebell training moves interspersed with cardio intervals often using a step to perform moves like jumps over the tops, squats, toe taps, etc.  We used the kettlebells to do a variety of what I deem to be toning and strength moves.  I liked the fact that we were getting a total body toning and cardio workout in a single one hour class.  This kind of multitasking is essential for busy women on the go, like myself!  I ended up burning about 324 calories for the entire class, which wasn’t bad at all!  I think my calorie burn would have been a bit higher if I had used a heavier kettlebell so next time I’ll be sure to grab some options rather than just sticking with a lighter bell.
– knowledgeable, friendly and motivating instructor
– clean, state of the art fitness space
– combination of strength and cardio training
– Class was a little stop and go at points, I’m a huge fan of non-stop movement because it motivates me to push harder and keeps my energy up
– I needed heavier weights to increase the difficulty and push my heart rate higher
In addition to KettleX, the Fitness Cell Collective offers barre classes and fitness cell classes, which rely on various strength and cardio conditioning exercises much like you would experience with a personal trainer.
New people can sign up for a 3 week, 3x per week program for $300.  Unlimited membership options start at $325 per month for 3 months up to $250 per mont for 12 months. Single classes are $50 and a 5 pack class is $225.  For more information, visit Lorna Fit’s website or the Fitness Cell Collective.

By Brittany, April 21, 2013
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