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Best Online Workouts: Physique 57

  • April 22, 2013
  • By Brittany

Hi there!  In my third installment of the Best Online Workouts, I’m highlighting a well-known favorite, Physique 57.  I’ve discussed their online classes before but since this series is focusing only on the Best Online Workouts, I had to include them again!

Physique launched their online workouts at the end of 2012 and they offer the best of my favorite classes!  Right now on Physique 57’s website you can select from 5 options: Physique F.I.T. (Focused Interval Training), Physique Cardio (which I tried in studio and reviewed here), Physique Prenatal, Physique Classic 57 minute workout (also on DVD), and Physique Thigh and Seat Booster (also on DVD).  My favorite are the Physique Cardio and Physique F.I.T., which offer fantastic new and challenging workouts.  I already own the DVDs featured in the Classic class and the Thigh and Seat Booster, but if you are looking to try out the DVDs without the commitment, go ahead and give them a try online!


Physique Cardio is 26 minutes long and offers non-stop Physique moves meant to raise your heart rate and tone your body.  The only equipment you need in this workout is a heavy piece of furniture to simulate a ballet barre and a mat.  My heart rate range from 135-170 in this class and I burned about 226 calories.  It’s challenging but not impossible!

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 9.32.47 PM

Physique F.I.T. is 33 minutes and utilizes light weights (3lbs is plenty heavy!), a playground ball and a mat.  Expect work your thighs, arms, seat and abs often simultaneously!  This is a tough workout but very effective!  I burned over 250 calories in this class.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 8.51.13 PM


What I loved about both these classes is that they utilize the principles that make Physique 57 so popular but they stray away from the Physique formula, which is a nice change if you are comfortable with the formula because it keeps both your mind and your body guessing.  Personally, I pair these two classes together to make a one hour class for a max calorie burn of 500 calories!!

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 9.40.57 PM



The only drawback to the Physique online classes is that there are not more of them!  They have not been updated since they launched in 2012 so fingers crossed Physique will add some more some time soon!

Classes are $5 for 48 hours or $57 a month for unlimited classes.

By Brittany, April 22, 2013
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