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Planning a Healthy Weekend

  • April 25, 2013
  • By Brittany
Planning a Healthy Weekend

Have you noticed that the days are staying light until almost 8 pm?  Actually, I googled the sunset and it’s 7:46 pm but, still, almost 8!  It makes be believe that summer is not too far away!  Summer is by far my favorite season because it’s so pleasant to be outside and I find that the hubs and I are waaaaay more active on the weekends in the summer.  Well, even though it may not be time for cycling and kayaking, you can still commit to a healthy weekend.  I hate feeling like all the good I’ve done all week goes out the window by the weekend when I indulge in dinners out, drinks, and brunch.  Well, I’ve got a plan for staying healthy all weekend long while still having fun!

Friday Night

Date night!  Instead of heading out for a calorie loaded dinner, try out a fun activity together: go bowling, take salsa lessons, go to the driving range or try mini golfing.  There are so many activities you can do that doesn’t focus solely on eating and drinking.  If you want to save some dough and stay home, pull out a game of Twister or pop in a Wii Fit!


Brunch time!  Instead of dropping money on brunch, invite some friends over and make your own brunch.  Because you are home, there is no excuse for not offering up some healthy options like fresh chopped fruit, egg white omelets or this healthy french toast recipe from So Easy.

French toast

Saturday Afternoon

Spend the afternoon doing something fun and active.  Meet a friend and go for a walk, join a sports team or even a pick up game, go for a bike ride.  Find something you can do that keeps you moving!

Walk 1


Walk 3


Walk 2

Saturday Night

Head out to dinner!  It is the weekend after all!  Try to order something healthy like lean proteins and veggies: think shrimp tacos with fajita veggies, fish or chicken with salsa and veggies, etc.  Browse the restaurant’s menu before heading out so you are prepared to order when you get there!


Sunday is a day for relaxing.  Hit the gym in the a.m.- do something fun you love like a spin class or Zumba.  Then find a way to paper yourself and relax in the afternoon.  Get a mani/pedi, give yourself an at-home facial or just meditate.  The important thing is to indulge in a healthy way!


Wake up on Monday a.m. feeling refreshed and healthy!

Readers, what do you do to stay healthy on the weekends?

By Brittany, April 25, 2013
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