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As One Review

  • April 30, 2013
  • By Brittany
As One Review

Hiya!  I’m so excited to post about this awesome class I was able to attend last week, which was set up through FiTMAPPED.*  As One is a unique training studio that focuses on small group training.  Now, normally I’m a fan of spinning, Zumba, barre classes, etc. so the idea of small group training, which I describe as similiar to what I think CrossFit would be like or Bootcamp classes, is a little new to me.  Not to worry!  My instructor, George, was really welcoming and the class atmosphere was totally relaxed.  The workout, however, was not relaxed!

This is a tough 65 minute class!  You start out with a warm-up involving some light movement and stretching to get your muscles ready to work.  You then do a short cardio warm-up that involves jumping jacks and burpees.  The entire warm-up lasts around 10 minutes.  By the end of the warm-up, you’re thinking “Okay, I got this.”  Well, now the work begins.


The class is split into groups of three.  I was paired up with two other “first timers”, which was great because we sorta of figured everything out together.  We started out on the stairclimbers for 5 minutes at a level 7-8.  Again, I’m thinking, “Okay, I can handle this!”.  Well after 5 minutes of climbing stairs, tell me how you feel-it is no easy task.  The groups then rotated and we were in the center of the room doing strength moves interspersed with a little cardio to keep the hear rate up.  The moves were listed out on a board on the wall.  We performed squat jumps, pushups, planks, an abdominal contraction exercise, side lunges, bent over rows with a sandbag (so heavy!), tricep dips and body burns-kind of similiar to a burpee.  We did each exercise for 30 seconds until 5 minutes was up and then rotated to our final station, which was the bike.  This was the most challenging for me in terms of cardio because George made sure we kept our pace up.  No slacking off!

After we completed a full rotation of the three stations, we then went through the entire exercise again this time for 4 minutes at each station.  Then three minutes, two minutes and finally one minute.  By the end I was so tired and my legs were burning.  I was so happy when it was over!!  But no rest for the weary!  We were on to the next set of exercises, which consisted of an ab move and then pull-ups.  Cue ominous music.

See, I have a thing with pull-ups dating back to basically elementary school and the thing is I can’t do them.  Do you remember the Presidential Fitness Test?  We had to do this every year in gym class and although I was a fit child (I wasn’t overweight, I played outside, I went to dance class and generally participated in sport-type activities), I was never able to earn the coveted Presidential fitness award because I was totally unable to do a pull-up.  Really, though, what elementary or middle school girl is able to pull up their own weight???  Apparently, people can and do, just not me.  So I always got the second tier award because I was only able to do the flexed arm hang.  I think the criteria for the awards may have changed by now, but clearly this has stayed with me since at the age of 30, I am now staring at a pull-up bar with fear and dread.

Not to worry!  We actually got to place our feet in these jumbo elastic bands and then pull ourselves up.  It actually made it a thousand times easier and I was able to do four rounds of 5 pull-ups.  Ha!  Take that Presidential Fitness Test, I am a pull-up master!

After this last exercise, we did a cool-down using the foam roller.  I’m a big fan of the foam roller, it is great for relieving tight muscles and I loved that we used it in this class.

My overall thoughts on the class:

– It was a tough workout!  This class was no joke.  The workouts are designed to push your limits and help you improve your overall fitness.  If you read the information on As One’s website, you can see that the trainers, George and Mark, are incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and training and they have designed these workouts to get results.

– The atmosphere was great!  As I mentioned, I’m more of a class queen so this workout was a totally different feel for me.  It was actually not competitive and very supportive.  I worked with my “first timers” crew to figure out what was going on and everyone in the class was so encouraging of us.  There is definitely a team feeling here, which was evident during the pull-up segment when other class members were helping myself and the other first timers and even non-first timers get set up in the jumbo rubber bands.  If you’ve ever been to classes where the front row is considered prime “real estate” or you’ve accidentally taken someone’s spot and had to deal with their ‘tude, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at As One.

– Why have I never done small group training before!?  So small group training is like having a personal trainer that you split with a bunch of other people.  I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before but basically you are getting the knowledge and expertise of an excellent trainer for way less money!  George was very attentive and made sure we knew what we were doing, offered encouragement and pushed us or modified for us when necessary.  If you’ve ever wanted a personal trainer but thought it was too expensive, give small group training a try.

The only drawbacks for me were that the bathrooms/change rooms were a little on the small side so it got a little crowded right before class.  Also, the studio is located in Columbus Circle.  I’m an eastside girl and we all know convenience is key to sticking with a workout so unfortunately I probably won’t be able to commit weekly.  That being said, I will totally go back when I get a chance!

Drop-in classes are $40.  A five class package for new members is $150 (good deal!).  There are also monthly unlimited options, which you can view here.  If you just want to try it out, no worries- first class is complimentary!

* I am a FiTMAPPED FitRep, which means I get to attend free classes around NYC to write about in my blog and to promote using FiTMAPPED, which has an awesome arsenal of class reviews, schedules and a search function to find something great in your area.  All opinions are my own.

By Brittany, April 30, 2013
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  • Holly
    April 30, 2013

    Good to hear you liked the small group training. The training classes seem intimidating. Your class set up through FITMAPPED sounds welcoming along with the deep workout!

  • Holly
    April 30, 2013

    Good to hear you liked the small group training. The training classes seem intimidating. Your class set up through FITMAPPED sounds welcoming along with the deep workout!

  • Holly
    April 30, 2013

    Good to hear you liked the small group training. The training classes seem intimidating. Your class set up through FITMAPPED sounds welcoming along with the deep workout!

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