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Spring Shape Up Week 5: Power Yoga

  • May 8, 2013
  • By Brittany
Spring Shape Up Week 5: Power Yoga

Hi all!  Happy Wednesday!  Hope you’re having a good one.  Just wanted to check in with you and see how your Spring Shape Up is going?  Are you feeling like you might be ready to bare those arms and legs soon?  This week is week 5 and I’m all about the power yoga. It is a common misconception that yoga is just stretching and oming and a whole lot of sitting around but in reality you can really crank up your yoga practice and burn some serious calories.  This week’s Spring Shape Up is a combination of some of my favorite yoga poses.

I start out with about 4-6 rounds of Sun Salutation A and 4-6 rounds of Sun Salutation B.  I’ve outlined the sequence for both types here.  Just follow the numbers!


Spring Shape Up Yoga


After sun salutations, I move onto some toning moves.  But I like to throw in a sun salutation or “flow” in between the moves to keep my heart rate up.

Spring Shape Up Yoga1


I usually break the reps down as follows:

Jump Switch Lunges- 20

Warrior 1 Lunge- 10 per side

Chair Pose Squat- 15

Yogi Pushup- 10

Spring Shape Up Yoga2


Donkey Kicks- 5

Dolphin Pose- Hold for 30 seconds

Ab Series- 4x per leg

Warrior 2 Series- 8x per leg

See!?  Yoga can be tough!

Readers, what are your goals for spring?  Are you training for anything in particular?

By Brittany, May 8, 2013
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