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Self Workout in the Park

  • May 12, 2013
  • By Brittany
Self Workout in the Park

Hi there!  Hope you are enjoying a fabulous Sunday!  I have to do a quick shout out to the honoree of the day . . .



This weekend was yet again jam-packed!  I never know how it is already Sunday night!  Saturday I hit up Self Magazine’s Workout in the Park.  This was my third year attending and the past two years have been sunny and warm.  This year the weather predicted showers . . . ALL day!  Luckily when I got there the rain was holding off, although it was incredibly humid.  Despite the weather predictions, the turnout was as big as ever.  This was Self Magazine’s 20th Anniversary for this event and it was a big one!

The event is from 11 am to 3 pm.  Registration begins at 9 am for those that are really hardcore.  I’m only semi-hardcore, so I showed up at 10 am.  Good thing because by the time I checked in and was lined up, it was already almost 10:30 am.  The doors opened at 10:50 am and there was a collective speed walk through the front gates!


I booked it to “The Quiet Zone” to sign up for a smaller mind/body class.  The Quiet Zone and the Reebok CrossFit Zone both limit the number of participants and require advanced sign up.  In the past I’ve been locked out of some of the classes I wanted to take because they were already full.  This year, amazingly, I got the mind/body class I wanted (perhaps because the sign up this year was total and complete chaos when I got there!).  Unfortunately for the third year in a row, I did not get to sign up for a Reebok CrossFit class, mainly because by the time I had signed up for my Quiet Zone class and sampled some goodies, it was time for classes on the main stage to start.

Workout in the Park


Being the organizational nerd I am, I carefully mapped out my classes for the day allowing adequate time in between to hit up the sponsors that would be attending the event.  As always, Crunch gym provided an amazing round up of classes.  We started out with Sexy Stretch, which was really more of a dance class than a stretch, but hey, it was a lot of fun and got the crowd warmed up.  Each class is 20 minutes in length with a couple minutes in between for the MC to come on stage and promote the sponsors.  Sexy Stretch was followed by Stiletto Strength, where the instructors actually came out on stage in heels and performed the workout.  It was a great workout to target the lower body and legs, all important for walking in stilettos!

Workout in the Park1[pinit]

The sponsors at Workout in the Park totally rocked!  I was SO excited for Skinnygirl Daily‘s booth.  It was the first time this brand ever visited Workout in the Park.  I’m a huge fan of Skinnygirl Cocktails, so I was excited to see what Bethenny Frankel’s On-the-Go nutrition was all about.  I have to say, the morsels they were handing out were pretty delicious (see photo above bottom left)!  Plus, I got to take a fun pic at their step and repeat!  Bethenny actually made a guest appearance at the event, but alas I was not a lucky attendee to take a photo with her!

There were plenty of other incredible vendors in attendance in addition to Skinnygirl.  I literally walked out of the place with a bag overflowing with goodies!  Some of my other favs included Green Mountain Coffee Wellness Collection.  I think this was actually my favorite of the whole event.  These guys were brewing full size iced and hot teas with their Keurigs.  Plus, they gave away no less than six (!) free K-cups for you to take home with you.  It was amazing!

There were also discounts at LeSportsac, free LUNA Bars, fun stuff at Reebok, a chance to win a free VSX Sport tee at the Victoria’s Secret booth, free sample shampoos at Garnier, two HUGE free bags of Smartfood selects (I tried and they are awesome!) and a mini sample of La Roche-Posay sunscreen.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to hit up all of the great sponsors that were there because the lines got a little too long and, heck, I was there to workout!  Some others I wished I had been able to visit were Garnier’s free mini facials or mini massages, Reebok’s free gift line, Sweet n’Low’s lemonade, Wendy’s full size salad (literally EVERYONE had these but the line was just oh so long), and Club Med’s chance to win a vacay. There’s always next year! 😉

Workout in the Park2[pinit]

After grabbing my freebies and refueling, I went back to the main stage for three great classes.  I’m a big fan of Jillian Michaels’ workouts and she recently paired up with Crunch to offer her signature workouts as a class in their gyms.  I was psyched to give her BodyShred class a try.  It is typical Jillian, no frills, using your own body weight, cardio & strength combined and totally kickbutt!  An old Workout in the Park fav also debuted in the afternoon, Masala Bhangra, was a blend of Bhangra and Bollywood.  It is always a highlight of Workout in the Park for me and this year was no exception.  I also gave a new class a try, Tutu Fresh.  Think ballet remixed with an attitude!

Finally I headed over to the Quiet Zone for my last class of the day, Pound.  I have been wanting to try this class for years!  I was super excited to FINALLY get the chance and it didn’t disappoint!  The creators of this workout flew in from LA to be here to workout with us.  We used these green sticks that simulated drumsticks.  This was an intense and really fun workout!  You actually have to get a rhythm with class but if you are following along, this is no prob!  It’s a total body workout hitting your legs, core, butt and a little bit of cardio.  The only problem was that it was only 20 minutes!

Self did an amazing job with the event this year and the best part about the whole day is a chance to workout outside, in the fresh air with tons of other fitness enthusiasts and really welcome Spring/Summer!  For $20ish bucks, this was a total bargain!

Readers, what’s your favorite fitness event and why?



By Brittany, May 12, 2013
  • Courtney
    May 13, 2013

    This was my second year attending and it seemed so much more crowded from last year. Pound was my favorite class!! I also have been wanting to try it out and was psyched they were offering it in the Quiet Zone! I was one of the lucky people to get in on the picture with Bethenny (which wasn’t THAT great..she was literally gone in the blink of an eye after the picture was taken!)..I was more excited about how surprisingly good the coconut PB skinny girl bar was!

    • FitBritt
      May 13, 2013

      Pound was really fun, wasn’t it? I totally thought they were going to announce Bethenny but they didn’t! I saw her take the photo and it was only a second! The coconut PB was really good!

  • Holly
    June 13, 2013

    Love, love, love the Mother’s Day tulips!!!! Thank you for the recognition.

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