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Get Fhit with Fhitting Room

  • May 13, 2013
  • By Brittany
Get Fhit with Fhitting Room

Recently, I teamed up with FiTMAPPED to check out one of the latest and greatest workout studios to open up in NYC.*  The Fhitting Room is a high intensity fitness studio located conveniently within walking distance from my apartment (major bonus points because it’s so close!).  It’s also just off the 4,5,6 line on 86th Street for anyone looking to travel uptown!

I was immediately drawn in as soon as I stepped into the studio.  They have an awesome space with a cool green and white vibe going on.  I love branding through color, something about it just draws me in!  I met Kari, the founder, who was so nice and welcoming.  I have to say that is was refreshing that she took such an interest in speaking with me and making me feel welcomed.  Fitness studios in NYC can be intense and intimidating but you won’t find that here at The Fhitting Room.

The space was clean and bright, although the waiting area is a little on the small side.  The studio was totally amazing!  The equipment is all brand spakin, shiny new!  And the floor is actually sprung!  So fun.

fhitting room 2

Our instructors for the evening were Eric and Ben.  They were both super personable and introduced themselves to me right away.  Just like Kari, they were welcoming and not at all intimidating.  In fact, if nothing else here sells you on The Fhitting Room, go because these guys were awesome!  Their energy was literally contagious and I found myself laughing and smiling throughout the class.  But all silliness aside, these guys were very focused on our form.  Each Fhitting Room class has two instructors and maxs out at 12 participants so you always have someone checking your form.  I think this is really important with high intensity training because you can really injure yourself with some of these moves if you are doing them incorrectly.

So what about this high intensity training I keep referring to?  The Fhitting Room basis it’s workouts on a principle called FHIX- Functional High Intensity Mix, which is a mix of functional movements, strength training, high intensity intervals, total body focus and highly varied exercises.  The workout utilizes rowers, free weights, kettlebells, suspension trainers, plyo boxes, medicine balls, pull up bars and much more.  For more detailed information about the workout and high intensity training, visit The Fhitting Room’s website.

Fhitting room 3

Our workout started out easy enough with a warm up including some light cardio.  We then kicked into gear right away with assisted pull ups/chin ups and pushups, ten of each.  You may have read about my history with pullups, but the assisted ones were great and I actually was able to get through three rounds of 10!  So we are ten minutes in now and my arms are going to fall off! 😉  Not to worry, we switched focus and moved to the legs with these black resistance bands around our ankles.

fhitting room 1

We also got to use these suspension bands that were jungle gym-esque.  You use them similiar to TRX suspension bands. We did some planks, hamstring curls, plank curls, tricep work and bridges using these suspension bands.!  After the suspension bands we moved on to some kettlebell work.  Kettlebells are not my favorite but they are effective for strength training.  I think my favorite part of the whole class was the end when we did a FHIX circuit which required us to burn 10 calories on the rower, then do 10 burpees, then do 10 inverted rows with the suspension bands.  We were supposed to get through 3 rounds in 6 minutes.  I almost made it!  It was super hard and left me completely and utterly breathless.  How’s that for cranking it out at the end?

fhitting room 4

Overall I had a great workout, burning 475 calories in our one hour session.  Plus it was a lot of fun!  Classes at The Fhitting Room are $35 each but new clients get their second class free!  They also have package options ranging from five classes to unlimited.  For more information on their packages, visit their website.

As always it was great working out with my FiTMAPPED friends!

Readers, what’s your favorite high intensity exercise?  Anyone like burpees???

* I am a FiTMAPPED FiTREP, which means that this class at The Fhitting Room was complimentary to me.  As always, my views and opinions are completely my own.

By Brittany, May 13, 2013
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