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How Do You Find Balance?

  • May 20, 2013
  • By Brittany
How Do You Find Balance?

Hi all, hope your week is off to an excellent start!  Today’s post is something a little unique and speaks to the theme of this blog.  I’ve discussed before how I started this blog as a way to find more balance in my life with my fast-paced city lifestyle.  For me, blogging about something I love (health and fitness) is a great outlet for the stressors in my life.  Plus, posting about my travels and adventures provides a great opportunity for self-reflection, something I, like most people, often fail to do.  This self-reflection is important for reminding me just how great things in my life are, even when I’m feeling stressed.  Not only that, it documents the changes and progressions I make as the days and months tick by.

Even with all these good things, sometimes MOB itself can be a stressor:  “I don’t have a blog post planned and I have nothing to write about!”  Or “I have so many things on my plate right now and I’m supposed to also write a blog post!?!?”  Of course the times where MOB is the stressor versus the stress reliever are few and far between.  Mostly I can’t wait to share with you all the exciting new class I tried or my latest and greatest fitness adventure!  But as with any good thing in life, it can be a source of burn out as well.  So the question becomes, what do you do when you are feeling burned out or overwhelmed by all your tasks and to do lists?

My first and foremost passion is for fitness and generally being active.  For me, injecting my day with some type of fitness activity guarantees I will feel more balanced and able to deal with the various curve balls life likes to throw at us all.  Second of course to my passion for fitness is writing about it!  Of course, when working out and writing a blog post just become items on a to do list, I need to look to other outlets to relax.  Whether its reading a book, watching a TV show, sitting on a beach, having a glass of wine or going to dinner with the hubs, sometimes it’s nice to take a step away from my normal routine and do something completely indulgent.

Of course we can’t all run to the beach when things at the office get a little crazy.  Sometimes just spending a few minutes taking some deep breaths and focusing on one thing or nothing at all is enough to give me a mini break. I try to remember when my life is tipping in one direction that I have to even it out by tipping a little bit more in the other direction.  While I rarely feel that I reach a perfect balance all day, ever day, I continue to strive for that balance.

So readers, I’ve told you about my balance, now how do you find balance in your life?

By Brittany, May 20, 2013
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