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Bringing Your Bike Into the Pool at Aqua Studio

  • September 25, 2013
  • By Brittany
Bringing Your Bike Into the Pool at Aqua Studio

Hey all!  So you know that I love making my way around NYC trying out the latest and greatest in fitness classes and trends.  Well, this one takes the cake for uniqueness so far!  Earlier this summer Aqua Studio opened up in New York.  The concept is simple, take the spin bike and put in the water for an intense cycle workout. I thought to myself: water plus cycling, what’s not to love?

I rocked up to the studio and was greeted by a beautiful large space.  I signed in and discovered I was the only one scheduled for the class.  Private-score!  I was a little bummed I had to pay for the aqua shoes since I had already shelled out $34 for the class (FYI- $34 if the price if you are a first time client, it’s $40 thereafter-pricey even for New York).  But I was immediately soothed when I made my way downstairs.  Reception is on the street level but everything else is underground. 

As I walked down the steps I was able to look into the pool area and see the bike submerged underwater.  It was kind of cool to be peering down on them from above.  Not a normal spin experience.  I made my way further down to the locker room.  It had a spa-like quality that I can liken to other Tribeca-area spas like Great Jones Day Spa.  It was relaxing and very comfortable.  There was no harsh, bright lighting but rather soothing dim lights. 

The locker rooms were absolutely spotless with plenty of options for lockers, showers, etc.  Aqua Studio is incredibly eco-friendly (which is great!) but that also means no paper towels or towels so bring your own stuff.

I wore my one-piece Speedo to class and topped it off with my Lululemon bike shorts (they are long) that I wear for cycling.  I wore them more my triathlon, so I figured they would hold up pretty well in the water.  I don’t think you need to wear shorts but I felt more comfortable personally.  I also slipped on my water shoes provided to me.

 aqua studio 3

This was me in class…..JUST KIDDING! If only.  (Source)

Class was interesting!  If you are expecting the feel of a Flywheel or Revolve, you are not going to get that here.  This is a much more relaxed vibe and while the workout is good, it is not the intense cardio so many are addicted to with the traditional cycling.  A 45 minute class still burned a lot of calories but nowhere near the 600 plus I usually burn at Flywheel.

 Aqua Studio 2

This is actually me…oh reality! 🙂

Here are my thoughts:

  • The class was unique and fun and definitely something different.
  • It was a less intense cardio workout but I definitely felt it a lot in my legs because of the water resistance.
  • It was a more total body workout- we worked our abs, arms and legs.  If you are a cycle fanatic, you may be interested in adding this in on alternate days to get a more overall workout and include some toning.
  • It was low-key.  There was music but it’s not the pumping beats you expect.  It’s not a bad thing but it definitely contributed to a more spa-like feeling for me.
  • Expect to go off the back of the bike!  I was a little nervous about this at first but you can float so why not take advantage of it!
  • You will be warm.  Don’t worry about getting too cold.  The water is actually quite nice and they keep the temperature reasonable.

I liked the class but it’s probably not something I would do on a regular basis because it’s downtown and far away for me, plus it’s expensive. I’m also not sure what I’m aiming for with the workout: cardio, toning, relaxing?  It was a little confusing for me.  Still it was a fun experience and I’m glad I went!

Readers, have you ever tried aqua cycling?  Do you like spin classes?  What’s the weirdest workout class you’ve ever done?

By Brittany, September 25, 2013
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