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Sunsets Over the Ocean in Laguna Beach

  • October 23, 2013
  • By Brittany
Sunsets Over the Ocean in Laguna Beach

Hey guys!  As promised yesterday, today I’ve got a little recap of the second stop in my Cali road trip… Laguna Beach!  My first trip to the O.C. was in 2010 when the Hubs and I visited Newport Beach.  I absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to go back.  You see, I am truly from the Northeast.  I grew up in a suburb of Boston enduring freezing cold winters and I now reside in New York City, the epitome of the urban jungle.  But I have a little secret…my social security doesn’t start with a 0 but a 5.  Yep, I was born on the west coast!  I was born in Washington state and as a result, I think there is some part of me deep down that believes I belong on the west coast.  Hence my love for Southern California.  Well, that and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being on the water and at the beach.  So whether its nurture or nature, I love the west coast and Laguna was no exception.

We stayed at 14 West Laguna Beach.  These are small self-contained apartments and I cannot recommend them enough.  They are right off of the Coastal Highway so you literally cross the street and you can get to the beach.  They are so unbelievably clean!  The whole place smells like clean laundry!  Plus they were so cute!


Morning coffee

We even had a fireplace in our room!


We ate lunch at the Orange Inn across the street from our hotel and it was absolutely delicious.  If you are ever in Laguna, you should definitely go there!

orange inn Collage

It is so California with surfboards on the ceiling and everything!   

I’ve declared before that I am no much of a runner.  But the Hubs and I decided to hit the beach early in the morning for a run together.  Now if I had views like this everyday, I would maybe consider taking up running!

Run 1

Run 2

Run 3

Run 4

Run 5

Luckily we experiencing a little bit of an Indian summer and the weather was nice enough to get to the beach. As I mentioned yesterday, we did a little stand up paddleboarding.


And also lay on the beach just watching the waves and relaxing.


I actually liked that the weather was warm enough to go to the beach but cool enough in the afternoon that we could go back to the hotel and chill out in the spa!


We went to the best place for dinner called The Deck.  It overlooked the beach and we saw the most amazing sunset from our table.

Dinner 2

Dinner 1


Plus the salmon was good too!

Dinner 3

Our last stop on our Laguna trip was to Huntington Beach.  When the Hubs and I were in Newport in 2010 we saw the U.S. Surfing Open.  It was so cool!  Huntington is a classic surfer town.

Huntington Beach Collage

I honestly loved Laguna so much I wish I could have moved there stayed longer.  But we had to move on to the next stop on our trip.  Check back to find out where our next stop bring us!

Readers, have you ever been to Laguna Beach or anywhere in the OC?  Have you ever gone running on the beach?  Do you like fireplaces in your hotel rooms? 

LIve the Good LIfe 

By Brittany, October 23, 2013
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