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Top NYC Fitness Studios in 2013

  • December 27, 2013
  • By Brittany
Top NYC Fitness Studios in 2013

Hey guys!  With 2013 officially coming to a close (I really can’t believe this is happening already!), I’m reflecting on the best of the best this year.  If you know me, you know I LOVE trying out new fitness studios and I am fortunate enough to have an endless amount of options in this city that never sleeps.  So join me as I countdown the Top 13 NYC Fitness Studios in 2013!
(Click the studio name to read an in-depth review of each!)

13.  As One– This workout will exhaust you!  After a complete warm-up, you’ll complete circuits at different stations for several minutes before switching stations.  This is where I completed my first pull-up!  Tough and effective, it is a kickbutt workout!

12. The Fhitting Room– If you want high intensity intervals, this is the place for you!  The instructors here are incredibly fun and it is the first time I’ve ever laughed while also crying from the pain!

11.  Yogamaya– I went to Yogamaya for the first time as part of Athleta’s Fitness Biathlon.  Our instructor, Bryn, was an amazing yogi that helped me get deep into awesome stretching poses like pigeon.  The skylight in the yoga room was to die for! 

10.  Body Conceptions– I tried Body Conceptions with Mari at Pier 25 this summer.  I loved the upbeat, dance-inspired moves combined with killer toning.  The music was incredibly motivating and I actually wanted to keep going!  I would love to try this class in studio!

9.  The Bari Studio– Become part of the Bari Tribe and you’ll never go back.  This studio if high energy, fat blasting and a lot of fun.  Using equipment like mini trampolines and ceiling pullies, you’ll do cardio and work your booty off.  The dance moves are so much fun!

8.  Flybarre– I went to Flybarre for the first time last year but I renewed my love this year at the Athleta Fitness Biathlon.  Flybarre is a barre class that will work you to the max.  They have an awesome dynamic arms series that will get you moving and your arms screaming!

7.  305 Fitness– 305 Fitness is an amazing dance workout named after Miami’s area code in honor of the founder’s roots.  If you think dance workouts don’t burn a lot of calories then you’ve never been to 305 Fitness!  Plus, 305 boasts its own DJ!  I loved trying 305 in studio but it was also amazing getting my groove on at Pier 25 overlooking the Hudson!

6.  Surfset Fitness– Surfset is a truly unique workout done on an indoor surfboard that moves like a Bosu ball!  It’s a total body workout that focuses on cardio, core work, balance and strength. Surfing images play in the background making you feel like you have been transported to Hawaii.  It is so much fun!

5.  Chaise 23– Chaise 23 is a combination of pilates, barre classes, cardio, dance and everything I love!  It is a totally unique concept and an amazing workout.  Form is key here and it’s effective because the calorie burn is big!  

4.  DMF–  Dance Motivation Fitness (DMF) is one of my favorite dance workouts of all time.  Instructor Lindi’s choreography and energy are amazing.  Before you know it the hour will be over and you’ll be sweating buckets but will not have felt like you worked out at all!

3.  Flywheel– I tried Flywheel for the first time last year but it has quickly become my favorite cycle studio in all of Manhattan.  I have never had a bad workout here!  You will push yourself to your limit!

2.  Z Club NYC– Z Club is my favorite studio for Zumba in NYC.  I absolutely love the classes here.  The instructors are amazing, the choreography is unique and each class is like  a party.  Z Club hosted awesome free Zumba classes this summer, which were so much fun!

1.  Physique 57– Physique 57 is my absolute favorite barre class!  Even after years of barre classes, Physique leaves me with shaking legs, sore abs and tired arms.  It’s well worth your money with an awesome cardio benefit as well!

And that’s it for the Top NYC Fitness Studios! For more studio reviews, check out my studio page!

By Brittany, December 27, 2013
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