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Friday’s Food & Fitness

  • August 29, 2014
  • By Brittany
Friday’s Food & Fitness

Hey there! It’s the last official summer Friday!! You better believe I’m going to make the most of it today!  I hope you have something planned too!






So I’ve been kind of annoyed lately because I can’t seem to get any photos of my food before it gets dark. I’ve made some good things but the photos look terrible! I’m really kind of ashamed to show these. I feel 100% overwhelmed on a daily basis. There just aren’t enough of me or enough hours. So, the result is crummy photos! I’m just trying to keep it real here people!

I’ve been going a little nuts at the farmers market lately and the result is totally delicious produce and lots of vegetarian meals!

farmers market8

farmers market 8

caprese saladCaprese Chicken and Avocado Salad
An Iowa Girl Eats recipe. I love the addition of avocado and chicken. This salad is simple but delicious.

fig pizza2014

Fig pizza
I’ve made this before but it’s seriously so good. The key is the caramelized onions on top.  Oh that and the fig goat cheese I found.  I love it when figs are in season!

farmers market pizza

Farmers Market Pizza
Two pizza recipes!? Ok this is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever made! The garlicky bread with fresh sautéed veggies, cheese and crispy basil topped with balsamic vinegar were perfection.

eggplant parm
Eggplant Parmesan with Panzanella
Straight from the pages of Williams Sonoma. I found this fun eggplant at the market and the description said it was really good for eggplant parm and so dinner was decided! I wish I had written down the name of the eggplants. I just can’t get over the tomatoes this season. So good!






In addition to not having time to eat or photograph, my workouts haven’t been stellar this week either. I’ve taken a number of days off, which makes me cranky! But I did have a fabulous event for Levo League last week with DMF! I absolutely love dance workouts and DMF is so fun! The Levo ladies enjoyed it too. Thank you so much to Lindi for hosting us!


The weather has been so nice I decided to walk home from work on Tuesday. I finally remembered to use my runkeeper app and the walk is three miles! Not bad. Plus, I walk at a fast clip (between 14 and 15 minute miles-at least I think that’s fast?). My walk is along the East River, which is really quite pleasant in the evening!

Oh and I tried a new class recently that I can’t wait to tell you about!

Readers, how do you manage when you feel like you have too much to do? Does not working out make you cranky? I think I’m hooked on the endorphins. Any plans for the long weekend?


By Brittany, August 29, 2014
  • Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness
    August 29, 2014

    Ooooh that farmers market pizza looks so good! YAY for lots of veg meals 🙂

    Ah yes, so much to do and not enough time — sounds familiar! Hope that you get to relax a bit over this long weekend. Have a great time!

  • Jessica @ Absurd, She Wrote
    August 29, 2014

    Fig pizza? That is so brilliant.

    For working out, I have to be careful to get the right balance. Too much without rest makes me (incredibly) cranky. But not enough makes me feel restless and irritable. Right now, at 31 weeks pregnant, I shoot for a 30 minute workout at home, and then add on a dog walk. We live in a fantastically walkable neighborhood, so usually I get between 3-4 miles most days.

  • Kim
    August 29, 2014

    I’m with you on feeling overwhelmed lots of days!
    But, right now you have to just make sure you are getting enough rest – far more important that just about anything else.

  • Holly
    August 31, 2014

    Yep! We need to move and ideally work out in order not to feel cranky. Love the look of the farmers market pizza.

  • Davida @ The Healthy Maven
    August 31, 2014

    I don’t manage…that’s my problem;) Also I am totally fig obsessed too!!!

  • Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama
    September 1, 2014

    The fig pizza looks amazing!! Yes definitely a 14-15 minute mile is fast!! especially for someone with child!! a 3 mile walk is awesome girl 🙂 Great way to fit in fitness.

  • Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure
    September 2, 2014

    Not having regular exercise makes me feel like crap!! It’s amazing how good you feel after even a short workout, even if you don’t look any different.

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