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Maternity Fashion Part II

  • September 2, 2014
  • By Brittany

Hi friends!  How’s your day going?  I have to say that despite all the negative side effects of being pregnant (sickness, sleeplessness, back pain, etc) there are some really great things.  Like having people do stuff for you (oh sorry I’m too tired to help with the dishes or yes, please carry that for me!), feeling the baby kick and of course, sporting some new bump fashion.  I’ve had some fun during this pregnancy shopping for clothes and finding cute things to wear despite my changing shape.  You can check out my original post on Maternity Fashion here and find out all about my favorite brands and some basics I think every woman should have.  I actually recently found out about a whole other dimension to pregnancy fashion: renting clothes!

I recently heard about Mine for Nine, a maternity clothes rental website.  I thought this was such a genius idea for pregnant women who want to look great but don’t want to spend a fortune buying an entire new wardrobe.  I have to admit that even after purchasing several new outfits to accommodate my growing belly, I still feel like my options are rather limited and that I’ve spent more than enough money on clothes for the year!

maternity fashion

What I love about Mine for Nine is that you can rent a few cute styles for a month and then return them and pick out some new styles.  You’ll feel like you are constantly updating your wardrobe without spending a ton on new clothes.  Plus, its perfect for spanning the seasons.  I know I’m going to want some more warm weather clothes once fall really hits since the last time it was really chilly, I wasn’t that big.  

I actually had a look at a few maternity clothes rental websites and Mine for Nine had the best selection with options for casual, work and date night.  They carry one of my favorite brands: Seraphine (a favorite of Kate Middleton, Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson).  Seraphine has beautiful clothes but can be quite pricey.  I was able to rent a few pieces from Mine for Nine for a fraction of the price.

Here’s what I ended up getting:

mine for nine 10

This pencil skirt was exactly what I was looking for.  I bought a bunch of dresses but I wear so many skirts in the summer because pants are just too uncomfortable.  I desperately need a plain black pencil skirt and this one fit the bill!

mine for nine 11

I love this pink top.  It is super flattering and so so soft.  I love the criss-cross front.  I wear this combo to work often.

mine for nine 3

Another work favorite is this black and white Seraphine faux wrap dress.  It’s not an actual wrap, which works so much better because it is so easy to throw on in the morning and just tie on the side rather than trying to line up the wrap and get it to fit just right.

mine for nine 4

I think this dress actually doesn’t photograph that well and looks so much better in real life.  It’s black with small white dots and is perfect for a professional setting.  Again, the criss-cross front is very flattering.

mine for nine 1

This black and beige dress is the perfect date night dress.  I love how fancy I feel in this dress.  A lot of maternity dresses are great for work but this is actually quite fashionable and I would totally wear this out to dinner.  

mine for nine 2

It has a nice rouching detail on the side that you can’t see in this photo.  It’s also very comfortable!

Another date night favorite is this gorgeous green maxi dress.  So easy and so comfortable.  I actually own the shorter version in a violet color although the material on this one is a bit slinkier and perfect for evenings out.

mine for nine 9

I got this great top from Mine for Nine and paired it with my own maternity slim leg pants.  The navy with the coral pants just said “preppy summer” to me.  

mine for nine 5

The detail on the front of the shirt is really interesting and adds an element of fashion that you don’t often see in maternity wear.

mine for nine 6

I actually thought this periwinkle blue shirt was going to be a bit different when I saw it online and it was a bit more plain and casual than I expected.  However, it was really soft and comfortable.  I wore it on the plane recently and it was perfect for a long flight.  

mine for nine 7

I loved pairing it with shorts and flip flops for an easy, casual bbq outfit.

mine for nine 8

I ended up with one more green dress that I didn’t photograph because it just wasn’t that flattering on me.  These things happen when you order clothes online.

How It Works:  Mine for Nine is simple, just pick out the outfits you want.  Put them in your bag and you can rent them for four weeks or longer if you prefer.  If you rent something and decide you like it, just hold on to it and you will be charged for another four weeks.  All garments come with a return envelope and free return shipping (just print the label).  If something doesn’t fit, you need to return the item immediately with the security tags still on and you can receive a refund.  It is possible to try a second size for a nominal fee.  Prices range from $20 for a t-shirt to $40 for a dress for the month.

Just as a side note, some of the clothes I rented were actually brand new with the store tags on them.  You can purchase items from Mine for Nine and the full-price is listed for each garment. 

Readers, have you ever tried a clothes rental service (I’ve also done Rent the Runway)?  Do you usually buy clothes online or do you go to the store?  What time of year do you do most of your clothes shopping (for me its summer and fall)?

* This post is not sponsored by Mine for Nine and all opinions contained in this post are my own.

By Brittany, September 2, 2014
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