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Athleta’s Crush of Adrenaline Fashion Show

  • September 4, 2014
  • By Brittany

Last night I achieved one of my life goals. I finally got to attend a New York Fashion Week Event.  It wasn’t Prada or Marc Jacobs or even Tory Burch. No, this was better!  It was fashion meets fitness at Athleta’s Crush of Adrenaline Fashion Show.

athleta crush of adrenaline Collage
This was quite possibly one of the most exciting things I have ever seen in my life.  It wasn’t just models strutting down a runway wearing chic clothes, this was an athletic extravaganza consisting of trampolines, exercise balls, running, ballet, break dancing, hip hop and flying.  Oh and there were some clothes too.

athelta fashion show dancer 1
The music was pumping.  The girls were incredibly talented and the crowd cheered.  Are crowds even allowed to cheer at fashion events?  Who cares, they did and you couldn’t stop them.  The energy was absolutely electrifying.  It was so much more than fashion.

I’ve loved Athleta not just for their clothes, which I have a healthy amount of, but for their commitment to the community.  Athleta hosts yoga in Bryant Park, Fitness Biathlon, Mind Over Madness Yoga in Times Square, sponsors events like Girls on the Run and hosts local studios in store. Athleta’s mantra is Power to the She, which literally means what it sounds like: empowering women to move and achieve.  This message was so clear in their show.  It wasn’t just about the clothes (which were gorgeous) but about empowering the women onstage and in the audience to break boundaries and move forward. I literally walked out of the show feeling full of adrenaline and like I could conquer the world.  If Athleta was trying to inspire their audience to do more (and look good doing it).  They hit the mark.

athleta fashion show flying girlYes, this girl is flying!

athleta fashion show break dancer
I can’t get over the talent that was involved in this show.  The performers were so talented and captivating to watch.  I wanted to know more about the women and how they got involved with the show!


Check out this amazing video of the event!

And of course, at the end we had the traditional runway walk or in this case the swagger strut with the added Athleta flair at the end of various yoga, dance and fitness poses followed by a group run forward.  I literally got chills!  If I never attend another fashion week event in my life, I’ll die happy after seeing this show.  And if Athleta’s Crush of Adrenaline is any indicator, fitness is breaking out into the fashion world in a major way.

athleta fashion show Collageend of show


Cool swag from the event!

Readers, what’s one of your dreams in life?  What’s the last show you saw?  How do you power to the she?

By Brittany, September 4, 2014
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