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My Pregnancy Essentials

  • September 23, 2014
  • By Brittany
My Pregnancy Essentials

So I have to admit that I wasn’t the most knowledgeable person when it came to pregnancy. Besides the obvious of no drinking, smoking or doing illicit drugs, I wasn’t really clear on what OTC drugs I could take or what products I could use on my skin. It was definitely trial by fire. For instance, only after using a zit cream on my face did I find out that it was NOT recommended for pregnancy.  Fabulous.  I’m embarrassed to say that this type of situation happened more than once (am I alone in thinking there needs to be a Surgeon General’s type warning on everything!?!). Well, luckily I figured things out pretty quickly and found some amazing products that make me look and feel great.  Here are a few I love:


Mio’s Pregnancy Kit has the best goodies all in one convenient and bright package!  The kit includes: Gorgeous Glow face wash, The Tummy Rub Butter for your belly, Pregnancy Boob Tube for the ladies and Lucky Legs for, well, your legs.  The face wash has an amazing scent and is perfectly safe for you and your baby.  Plus it is nice and gentle.  The Tummy Rub Butter is super thick to help promote skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks.  Lucky Legs has a wonderful pepperminty scent and offers a nice cooling effect on your legs.

pregnancy essentials 4

Mama Bee

pregnancy essentials 2

I’m a big fan of Burt’s Bees and I love the Mama Bee collection.  The foot cream pictured above has rosemary and peppermint oil.  It is safe for pregnancy and offers the most cooling sensation for your tired feet.  The product also claims to help circulation, which for me with my swollen feet is super helpful.  

Bella B

Another bee product! I really love the tummy butter, which I used all winter long because my skin was so itchy. The cream is nice and thick and perfect for getting rid of itchiness and dryness.

pregnancy essentials 1

Yes to Coconuts

Ok this one is not specifically designed for pregnancy but I love the scent so much.  I love the Yes To brand and coconut is definitely my favorite.  It is hydrating and nourishing and simply delicious!  I love the shampoo and conditioner, body wash, face wipes, lip balm and body butter.

pregnancy essentials 6


Ok I might be the most excited about this product.  With pregnancy we know hormones go crazy and this can cause skin conditions and breakouts.  BUT, don’t you dare use zit cream to get rid of these conditions because they are not good for pregnancy.  Luckily your skin is not one of the many things you will have to give up to experience the joys of motherhood because I found a solution!  Belli products are specifically designed for mamas-to-be and are approved by ob/gyns and dermatologists.  The face wash and anti-blemish cream are the answer to your skin problem prayers!


Readers, what are some of your favorite products? Am I the only one that is totally unaware of what products are good v. bad for pregnancy?  Totally unrelated to this post, is anyone else ridiculously excited for Gone Girl the movie?

*This is not a sponsored post.  All products were purchased with my own funds and I really like them all! However, this post does contain some affiliate links.  When you click on the link and make a purchase I receive a small commission, which helps support my lotion habit! Seriously, thank you for all your support. 🙂

By Brittany, September 23, 2014
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