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Three Truths and One Lie

  • December 11, 2014
  • By Brittany
Three Truths and One Lie

Hi there! So have you ever played the game where you tell three truths about yourself and one lie and another person has to guess which one is the lie? I thought it might be a fun little game to play so I came up with a few truth and lies . See if you can figure out which one is the lie and tell me in the comments.  I’ll reveal the answers in tomorrow’s post!

Group A
In high school:

1. I was a cheerleader.  Go Warriors!

2.  I spent a week in Italy on a school trip exploring Rome and Bologna.

3.  i ran varsity track.

4.  I lived five minutes from school and drove every day. 

Group B

In college:

1. I taught group fitness classes at the campus gym.

2. I was in a dance company.

3. I lived in a sorority house.

4. I got a B+ in an art elective and that was my lowest grade.

Group C

1. I’ve lived in two countries and three states.

2. I’ve never been to Canada.

3. I get terrible seasickness.

4. I have driven through 11 states.

Group D

1. I’ve never received a speeding ticket.

2. My belly button is pierced.

3. I’ve never been to court.

4. I’m not scared of needles but I hate getting my blood drawn.

Readers, your turn!  Tell me three truths and one lie and I’ll try to guess your lie! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for everyone who entered the Jaybird Wireless Headphone giveaway!  I hope you enjoyed the playlist.  The winner, Melanie, has been emailed.  Congrats Melanie! 

By Brittany, December 11, 2014
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