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Tips for Training with a Baby

  • February 17, 2015
  • By Brittany
Tips for Training with a Baby

Hiiii! How are you? I miss you all so much. We don’t have internet set up in our new apartment yet and I am going out of my mind. I have a huge dependency on internet and tv and am going through very bad withdrawal. Plus my international data usage on my iPhone is through the roof!

In other news…today marks the big 3-2. I honestly kind of forgot how old I was until I realized that I moved to Australia when I graduated college 10 years ago! Holy old. Not to mention I felt really old the other day when I saw this huge Carnival street parade of drunk people go marching by the window of the restaurant we were eating at and my only thought was how are we going to get out of here with a baby?

So, I figured a good topic for today’s post from an oldie like me is Tips for Training with a Baby! Exercise post-baby has been so much more sporadic than before baby. Even when I was pregnant, I could regularly commit to an hour workout 5-6 days a week. Now, I’m lucky to get in a workout! But since we’ve hit the three month mark, I’ve found my stride a bit. Here are my tips for not losing your workout time or your mind when you have a little one to look after!

1.  Accept the things you cannot change.  Let’s face it.  When you have a small child to look after, workouts just aren’t going to always be your number one priority.  Accepting that you have limited time and savoring the time you do have is important to making the most out of your workouts.  

coops working

2.  Carve out me time.  Even if it is just 15 minutes during naptime, planning to take time for yourself is the first step to making your workouts happen.  If you just “wing it” you’ll always find an excuse to skip workouts.  Schedule in the time you want to take to devote to your workouts.  


3.  Find workouts that you can do with the baby.  Working out with your little one kills two birds with one stone–you get a workout AND you get bonding time with the babe.  Plus, they get to see how an active lifestyle is a priority to you (teachable moment).  I found Babies on Board at Xtend Barre to be an awesome exercise class to do with Coops.  There are also tons of mommy and me yoga and pilates classes around.  Leah Stewart’s Pilates for New Mothers is a great at-home pilates option that offers a 20-minute class you can do with your baby.  Stroller workouts are also a great way to get fit without a babysitter.  Many are held in local parks but if you want to try one on your own, check out Carly’s Stroller Workout

babies on board more

4.  Build up your DVD collection.  Getting to the gym may be tough when you have limited time.  Grabbing a few DVDs that you like will provide an easy solution for days when you just can’t make it out of the house.  Investing in some great ones will help keep you motivated.  Check out a few of my favorites.

Turbo Fire 1


5.  Get help.  Don’t be shy about asking your partner, your parents or a trusted friend to help you by watching the baby so you can have some alone time.  Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your little one!

Readers, what are your tips for working out with a little one?  Do you rely on others to help get your workout in?  How do you make the most of only 15 minutes?

By Brittany, February 17, 2015
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