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Throwback Thursday

  • May 28, 2015
  • By Brittany
Throwback Thursday

Hi all!  Welcome to Throwback Thursday.  Every Thursday I’m featuring a throwback to an old blog post that I think merits a second go-round.  This week I’m also hosting a link-up!  Hope you can join in!  Here are the guidelines.

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Then, follow these guidelines:

1. The purpose of this link-up is to revive some of our old blog posts that we think merit a second look for our old readers and to introduce our new readers to some great old content.  

2.  Find an old post you like and re-publish it on your blog using the Thursday Throwback title and badge.

3.  Come on over to the link-up and add your link!  

4.  Please check out the links of three other linkers and show them a little love via a comment or social media share.

Now for today’s post!  This one is perfect with summer just around the corner.  I hope it inspires you to get out, get active and try something new!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love SUP and I’ve truly become a huge devotee in the short two years since my first paddle.  My mom and I have been dying to get a SUP to keep up at the Cape because it is just so much fun AND it is a fantastic workout.  We’ve had our eye on this one for awhile . .

TT SUP(Source)

Here are a few of the benefits: 

·         Improves your balance. Standing on a board floating on water creates an unstable base, which requires you to balance in order not to fall.

·         Works your core. Not only does the rowing motion required to propel you through the water cause to contract and release your core muscles, balancing on the unstable surface of the board requires activation of core muscles.

·         Works your upper body.  Pushing the paddle through the water creates natural resistance causing you to engage upper body muscles.

·         Burns calories.  The number will vary on how hard you are working.  For example, paddling through completely calm water versus battling large waves will dictate how many calories burned. But there is a definite burn factor here that I would estimate is around 250-300 calories an hour for myself (based on my height, weight, etc).

Of course you don’t need to use the paddleboard in the traditional manner to get a great workout.  I put together this short routine while lounging on the beach (o.k. waiting for the 3-6 foot waves to calm down so I could get out!).  It’s a combination of strength and stretch that can be performed on a paddleboard (or just on a flat surface if you are at home!).  If you want to get really bananas you could do some of the moves on a BOSU ball to mimic the unstable surface of the paddleboard.  I used my paddles for some of the moves but you could use a light body bar or broomstick or even some light handweights.  Enjoy!


 SUP Pinnable

(PSSSSST…You can click here to get the  *printable* PDF version!)

Readers, do you like watersports?  Have you ever done a workout on a beach?  Would you try SUP?

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By Brittany, May 28, 2015
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