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Sup Yoga Part Deux

  • July 14, 2015
  • By Brittany
Sup Yoga Part Deux

Hi all!  Holy moly am I behind in my blog reading!  I was going through my Bloglovin and it was out of control!  Life has been busy at casa Bendall but I guess that is nothing new!

Last week I posted my first Sup Yoga sequence and today I wanted to share part 2 with you!  While last week’s sequence focused on standing poses and balancing, this week’s focuses on a strong core and backbends.

I started with a sun salutation warm up, which I made a little video of to get the idea of the flow:

Then I moved on to some more invigorating poses including boat pose, which is awesome for working the core, which helps a ton with balance!

sup yoga boat pose Collage

Then I flipped over to do some back extensions just lying on the board and lifting my head, neck and shoulders and my legs off the board to strengthen my back core muscles.  

sup yoga back extension

Followed by bow pose to really get into backbending.

sup yoga bow

Bridge pose was actually quite relaxing on the paddleboard.

sup yoga bridge pose

Wheel was not nearly as scary as I thought!

sup yoga backbend

I gave myself a break in child’s pose before heading on to camel.

childscamel pose collage

And then pigeon and king pigeon for a nice stretch.

sup yoga pigeon collage

And finally some much deserved relaxation!

sup yoga savasana

sup yoga sequence

Readers, what’s the most challenging yoga pose you’ve ever tried?  What have you been up to lately?

By Brittany, July 14, 2015
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