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Zumba in Sao Paulo Brazil with Beto & Gina

  • September 20, 2015
  • By Brittany
Zumba in Sao Paulo Brazil with Beto & Gina

Hi friends!  How was your weekend?  It was hot hot hot here!  We spent some time playing tennis and swimming on Saturday but the real fun came on Sunday when I headed to Zumba Instructor Academy for Zumba in Sao Paulo Brazil with Beto & Gina!  I heard they were going to be in Brazil and I signed up immediately.  I was a little nervous because most of the day was in Portuguese (except for Gina’s Hip Hop class since she speaks English), but it ended up being amazing and I’m so glad I went!

zumba brazil 6

We started with a Master Class with Beto, Gina and Heidy.  They were actually filming the next ZIN volume!  For those of you who are not Zumba Instructors, the ZIN volumes go out to the instructors every other month and they always include a live class.  This time the live class was filmed in Sao Paulo!  So all you ZIN members, check your Volume 60 when it comes out and see if you can find me!  I’m wearing pink!

zumba brazil 8

It was interesting because the classes are only 35 minutes long but we did an entire hour master class so I’m interested to see what actually gets published on the video.  We did everything from salsa to cumbia, merengue, reggaeton , hip hop and, of course, SAMBA!  The Brazilians are so good with their samba!

zumba brazil 1

zumba brazil 9

I took class with Beto earlier this summer and it was so interesting to see him again in action.  His energy is amazing and the choreography for this class was so fun and inspiring!

The day didn’t stop with one Master Class.  We were treated to several more amazing classes including Tropical Urban, Merengue Mashup, ZIN Jam session and warm-ups and cooldowns.  I was really intrigued with Tropical Urban.  We learned dances like Dembrow from Dominican Republic, Azonto from Ghana and Champeta from Colombia.  I’ve also noticed in the past two master classes that I’ve taken that Zumba has started incorporating some more popping, locking and animation.

zumba brazil 10

One of my favorite classes of the day was Hip Hop with Gina and Dhario.  They started with some old school hip hop and progressed to more current stuff.  It was so much fun and I liked getting a little ghetto! Now I’ve done a master class with Beto, Loretta and Gina, I think the only person I really have left that I want to take class with is Kass Martin. 

zumba brazil 2

zumba brazil 3

And of course it was interesting to really see some Brazilian culture.  They can be a crazy bunch of people but a lot of fun! 

zumba brazil 5

For instance, not quite sure about this but apparently it is a very popular look in Brazil. . . Maybe because it shows off the Brazil booty?

[bctt tweet=”Zumba in Brazil! #brazil #brasil #zinacademybrazil #sampa”]

If you want to check out some of the moves I learned over the weekend, join me for a live streaming class this Wednesday, September 23rd from 4-5pm EST! 

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Readers, what did you get up to this weekend?  If you could take a fitness class with anyone, who would it be?  

By Brittany, September 20, 2015
  • Holly
    September 21, 2015

    Very nice coverage of the Zumba Instructor Academy #zinacademybrazil in Sao Paulo with Beto & Gina. Also, a good set of facts on the Brazilian dance culture. Aside from that, you must have had a marvelous time. I worked on my Pilates and my #TightenandTone challenge this weekend!

  • Danielle @ Little Mama Big Life
    September 21, 2015

    Looks like so much fun! I agree, not so sure on that outfit choice for myself, but she totally has the body to rock it!

  • Allie
    September 21, 2015

    If I had a Brazilian booty I would be a much more powerful runner!! That last shot is hilarious. I love that you did this and what better place to get your Zumba on then in Brazil? Very, very cool.

    • FitBritt
      September 21, 2015

      Allie, it was so intimidating. I couldn’t understand most things and just driving and parking was stressful enough. I was rethinking signing up the morning of and then I got there and was so glad I did it! Brazilians really know how to shake it!

  • Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama
    September 22, 2015

    oh. my. word. You have to know that i was totally fan girl freaking out when I read this right?! This is literally a zumba lovers dream come true! I mean, BETO and GINA?! A ZIN recording and all that in your hometown! I’m so glad you went. What an amazing experience. I will ABSOLUTELY look for you on the next zin recording!!

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